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    This game is more about connection than any other - or is it lag comp? Im lost for words. ..................

      I partied with my boy Mathers88 before (a true beast of the game),a mate of his, and me, and we started playing dom, played a few games, finished 1,2,3 every game points wise, game ran smoothly no lag issues - same teams pretty much every game.


      I had an ally from MW3 (OG The Juzi), and in the last of these 3 games he was in opposition and his score was 5-32, now I know he`s a damm fine domination player and had never seen him post such scores, it may not have been that bad, that was the last I checked, but it was pretty bad - so im like WTF ?? He`d already prestiged, so I think maybe he`s not good at BO2? I dont know, couldnt work it out. These scores are rough estimates as im not 100% but us three finished something like Mathers 46-3, his mate 44-7, and I was 23-8.


      Next game on Cargo, same teams, only the host left before the start , so we get a new host. Halfway through and we are getting stomped, host migrates, and I check the actual player scores. Mathers 2-17, his mate 1-28, and im 0-19, and the Juzi, the guy who just went 5-32, is now 33-2.


      The only difference I noticed from my own viewpoint was in the 1st game, I saw someone, I shot them, they died, the 2nd game, I saw them, I shot them, we danced around a while and they killed me EVERY 1V1 - I also died numerous times when I didnt even see the guy ahead of me, but in the killcam the guy was clearly infront of me, he must have been wearing an invisibilty cloak or something The other 2 guys said the same, it was like the game wouldnt allow them to kill anyone.


      How can anyone go 46-3, and then 2-17. Its like Brazil beating New Zealand in the football world cup 9-0, and then playing them again 3 days later, and New zealand winning 9-0 (for the US guys, its like a basketball team winning 120-30, then losing 30-120)




      ps Apart from that game, I did really well today playing on european host, killed a lot, died a lot, capped a lot of flags, enjoyed levelling up for 2hrs. This game has potential.


      Edit - Im not complaining about the game btw, just saying how do you explain this??? Imactually enjoying it at the moment