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        20. Re: Are Scorestreaks Overpowered?  99-1 (Video)

        when i see a big kill streak like a warship, lodester i must admit i hide like a girl in a building aiming my gun at a door, i just laugh when i was my team mates all run outside of building getting wiped over and over again, but no i think they are good and not over powered at all all of them can be shot down (even if its hard)

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          21. Re: Are Scorestreaks Overpowered?  99-1 (Video)

          Not op at all. You can easily avoid the swarm, you can easily shoot or knife dogs, you can avoid the lodestar. So no they are not op, just they are effective at what they do.

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            22. Re: Are Scorestreaks Overpowered?  99-1 (Video)

            Considering there's a huge focus on PTFO I'm not overly fussed about the power of some of the streaks.  I do play mostly standard TDM so I'll probably review that decision come tomorrow when I finally decide to play Ground War.  I enjoyed it in COD4 but never the way some non-objective players foregoed the match jsut for streaks in MW3 meant I barely played those game types.


            Blind Eye Pro with LMGs in MW3, especially the L86 with grip and thermal, were awesome in taking out Pave Lows.  Loved bringing them down.   I guess the killstreaks in MW3 were toned down because of how comparatively strong they were in MW2.  I've never thought of streaks as a major focus on the game but I would alter them to what was required and decided which is the most productive way to go for the team.


            I thought you went back to MW3?

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              23. Re: Are Scorestreaks Overpowered?  99-1 (Video)

              Indeed.  I don't think any map has a stupid amount of open space too so that airborne rewards end up doing all the killing.

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                24. Re: Are Scorestreaks Overpowered?  99-1 (Video)

                I only see these crazy killstreak games in Kill confirmed. Perhaps they will consider changing the points for a tag collected that was killed by your killstreak.....cause at the moment what is happening is you get your 1st VSAT. Then you can get no more gun kills and can continually recycle these killstreaks...just doesn't make complete sense to me.

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                  25. Re: Are Scorestreaks Overpowered?  99-1 (Video)

                  I benefited from it, and even I think you can cycle through almost TOO fast in Kill Confirmed.  Imagine if I played with friends and they let me pick up all the tags.  I could see someone getting 200 kills if they are the only one picking up the tags, and the game stays filled in Groundwar.


                  Watch that end up being the new Support, players running UAV for someone and not picking up any tags. 

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                    26. Re: Are Scorestreaks Overpowered?  99-1 (Video)

                    I went back to MW3 for a little while, and felt like was moving in slow motion lol.   I still really like that game though, just all my buddies are on Blops 2.

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                      27. Re: Are Scorestreaks Overpowered?  99-1 (Video)

                      Exactly, you "benefited" from it.. As do I but that's not us the tags are too much per tag, that's cuz u still have some campers that leave all of their tags out and you get to pick them up.. But if you play on a team like I do it's not as easy cuz all my teammates pick up their own tags for the most part.. So if I'm not out their killing and earnin my own then I don't get my kill streaks.. HCKC is literally PERFECT.. Don't change it!!

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                        28. Re: Are Scorestreaks Overpowered?  99-1 (Video)

                        personally i think it all depends on the people you play, because honestly it looked like you were playing some scrubs.  in most cases u would kill one guy and the teammate of that person would keep running, i was laughing most of the time, but it was a good game, a win is a win.


                        i also agree the higher ST are harder to get and should be powerful as they are, and tags should stay the same very rarely i see someone get 40+kills and have 40+ tags, avg tag collection is about 20 from what i seen.

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                          29. Re: Are Scorestreaks Overpowered?  99-1 (Video)

                          Nice vid man, I like the class set up too. I'm going to try it out tonight. About your earlier comment about lowering tags to 75 points..... I think they should stay at 100 give people that incentive to get them and not camp as much.. ya know? But I dont think you should get 100 points for picking up other peoples tags. I hate it when I clear an area of like 3 or 4 people (200 point / 50 each) then a team mate runs up behind me and grabs all the tags and gets 400 points.... thats a real WTF moment cause all those points could be another scorestreak.



                          What's your YT channel?

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