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    Red Dots


      Out of curiosity, what happened to the Red Dot sights from MW2? Why did Black Ops II and MW3 start using the round ones? Are developers just trying to make it more like Modern Warfare or do the MW2 dot sights not exist?

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          I like tight dots and all of Black Ops II dots are huge making then pointless for long range targeting. The defaults are usually the best

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              Same here.  Although I think the new ones are neat looking, they aren't the least bit practical.  I do love seeing them in the killcams though.  The only time I have ever used something other than the default dot was in BO1 and that was only because I was having trouble seeing it (small tv at the time).

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              Yeah I don't know why they went back to the first modern warfare res dot sight. I liked the mw2 one better. But then again I thought mw2 was the best cod except for the hackers.

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                Well only the old guns in bo2 still use red dot sight if you use reflex sight on them. Too bad thats only in the story. But yeah i like reflex sights. The EdTech sight is my 2nd choice to use.

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                  I find the EO Tech sight useless for the same reason someone mentioned above. You use sights to be accurate over long range, and the dot is just too big to have any positive effect. The only customized dot I even use is the mustache one, and that's because it's funny and practical since you just need to line the person up with the middle of the mustache