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    Looking for decent players to play with

      I thought I would never do this but me and a friend are getting really frustrated that we don't play with anyone good. Me and my mate went uni together and started playing COD, we basically have the same sort of game play (run & gun as people call it). We always come top and seem to carry everyone that we play with. It would just be nice to play with other people with the same skill level etc.


      I'm no silly kid that shouts down the mic, I'm 25 and play nearly everyday. I've been COD mad since COD 4 - got to rank 500 in that and KD has always been around 2 k/d in all COD's except in Bops2 its taken a big hit and only sitting at 1.6 you could call it unlucky lol but I hardly see anyone who is 2kd. We are massive team players and just wanted to see if anyone wants us to join.


      Cheers & this is for PS3 btw. Username is 'piemp-kin' check me out on elite if your not convinced