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    Skill-based matchmaking

      I never post anything on the internet so if this is in the wrong place let me know.

      I just wanted to say that my perception before i bought this game was that

      skill based matchmaking would only be in league play like a lot of people

      thought.I also watched two black ops 2 streams and followed all the pre release info/videos

      i could find.So from what i gathered it basically meant we would have both skill-based

      and the public with normal matchmaking like before.So i went i bought the hardened

      edition (which cost me 90 euro) feeling confident i would i have both systems to

      choose from.But now i can not even try to compete with people in public

      matches unless i want to skip the gym i just play Sweat ops 2 instead.

      I think this is wrong and should be patched so that everyone has an option to

      to play skill-based or regular matchmaking.Games are meant to be for fun

      and not taken too seriously if we wanted close games we'd go play soccer.

      Thats all I have to say,thanks for reading.




      I thought skill-based matchmaking was flawed its not people are just exploiting it.

      My mistake.Dave

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          Re: Skill-based matchmaking.Complaint to Treyarch

          i cant tell for sure,but it sounds like your complaining that you have to play people more to your skill level now, and its only fun playing when you are easily killing the enemy.


          I could be wrong though. Maybe you want skilled based matchmaking removed so you can be the one getting stomped by pros. If that is what you consider fun.


          i have seen a few people now describing it as "Sweat ops 2" That would imply that they dont want to have to try to do good,they just want to be able to get into a lobby with newbs and go Hamm on them.

          Like that is the only way the game is fun.


          Like i said. i am just guessing though.

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              Re: Skill-based matchmaking.Complaint to Treyarch

              I dont want to stomp noobs i just want to stop being put in with people

              who are clearly a lot more skilled than me.i get put in with 3 kd and 2kd players

              alot and I only run 1.39.Im not sure what skill-based uses to match you with people.I thought

              it was win/loss but that doesnt make sense because i get matched with people

              who have 2 to 3 win loss.I have no problem being put with someone who is around my skill level.

              Someone on youtube said that if you play league play that it freezes your score per minute

              so that could be the problem.Mines at around 360.thanks for reply

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                  Re: Skill-based matchmaking.Complaint to Treyarch

                  I think its just players who use their friends who arent so good at the game to get

                  into my skillrange type of lobbies.it would make sense because i run into alot of

                  youtubers their usually the ones with the big kd's.the ones with the youtube emblems.

                  I hear youtube commentators do this to get gameplays so I guess thats the problem.

                  Im happy if this is the case i dont mind being put with people with my skill level as i already

                  said.My mistake Treyarc I thought it was Skill-based Matchmaking,so im sorry about that.

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                Re: Skill-based matchmaking

                its a good idea if it matched people up locally and not worldwide

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                    Re: Skill-based matchmaking

                    parnezzi wrote:


                    its a good idea if it matched people up locally and not worldwide


                    Yep.  I've always wanted a region lock but Activision may not like the idea.  I live in England but I'm often put into French lobbies or mixed up with everyone from the EU.  I always back out in case I'm going to be more than half a second behind because of the fast TTK these guns have and I use LMGs.

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                        Re: Skill-based matchmaking

                        thats exactly the problem ..its not that its skill based its that the matchmaking is rediculous .. its one thing to play people the same skill as you but its a complete different thing when those same people are located no where near you and are lagging .. so now you just 2secs behind someone thats equally as good as you . doesnt make for much fun if your on the downside of that .


                        put it back as it was , sort out matchmaking and leave competitive play to the ''competitive playlist''

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