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    Black Ops2 Developers Are Making Us Look Stupid For Paying 60$

      Not Just Me or A Few Players are complaining about the Lags and Host Migrations, Im pretty sure more than half of all CallofDuty players are having the same problems.

      I have Battlefield 3, the gameplay isnt as fun as Black Ops 2 but its Lag Free. My K/D was 2.30. It Is Now 1.76. The Lags, host migration, Long Distance shotguns, overpowered black hat, long waiting to find a match, Still terrible spawning, Ridiculously just plain out terrible knifing, theater mode extremely slow loading, combat record limits, prestiging for nothing, annoying objective icons with no good transparency. .. and after all this They TAKE AWAY FROM HARDCORE? !!?

      They took away because of its little number of players, how bout yoy take away from Core and Add to Hardcore! !!


      I speak for all Frustrated CallofDuty Players that I hear on the mics and the ones I know and play with, if Black Ops 2 doesn't improve, many of us are going to be trading BlackOps2 towards the purchase of Battlefield 4.


      And if this is Sonys Problem... Xbox might have a Dramatic increase of users because of this Game.


      Developers Please Respond.  I loved Black Ops1 & PlayStation itself. I would, we all would love this game a lot better if these problems were to be fixed.