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    Recruiting Anonymous Visionz

      Hey guys,

      if you are interested in a very well put together clan who plays all clan ops and challenges? well Anonymous Visionz could be for you. we are currently at 46 members and still looking for more to people who are interested. You can message me and i can give you full details on the clan. All members are very active and play a variety of game modes. Our main concern is that you have fun and you participate in the clan ops on the weekend and or any clan challenges we may have. if you cant make it then just inform us and its fine if its work or school related. Crap talking to other clans wont be tolerated for it reflects how the clan looks. we do the talking with the guns and the win in the end. hope to hear from you soon....if im not on right away i will reply asap. my psn is psyKO_MARTINEZ or you can message me on here completely up to you. Hope to hear from you soon.