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    Ghost needs work

      I get the idea behind Ghost not working when you are not moving, but shouldn't we get some down time?  I tend to use cover to reload, and it's a little ridiculous to think that classifies me as a camper so the perk no longer works.  It is a perk that I payed a point for in my load out.  I'm not asking to be allowed to sit in a corner for 5 minutes, but 5 seconds to take some cover and reload should be acceptable.

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          Honestly I think that no matter how short a time you're stopped, you should appear on the radar.  There should be no "grace period."


          This is what keeps Ghost balanced.

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            It's ridiculous. They need to pull their head out of their butts and admit they were wrong.


            I work hard to take good routes, and get behind the enemy undetected. I stop to ADS at a good vantage point and get shot soon after. In the kill cam the guy turns around, realizing I was there as I showed up on the minimap, ducks out from behind his cover and shoots me.


            It completely ruins the point of the perk, and goes against the spirit of the game. It ruins any sort of tactical gameplay. I can't win 1v1 gunfights because of lag comp, and now all my effort to get an advatange otherwise goes to waste.


            In past games it wasn't a problem, even when it was much stronger. People will still camp, and honestly if someone wants to lay prone in a corner all game more power to them. At least they have to ADS at the doorway, not just hipfire their OP SMG. They might kill me once, but I'll get them everytime after that.


            Ghost needs to be fixed, big time.

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                Shoot down spy planes then, problem solved, kids of today eh, always wanting things for free but never willing to put in the work.

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                    I do shoot them down.


                    This isn't the solution though. Sometimes you're unable to, other times it's a deathwish. But if you want to join my team, follow me around and try shooting down enemy UAVs whilst flanking around their home flag be my guest.


                    Kids these days? Get a grip.

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                        Pro-tip, check your minimap when using ghost, if ghost is hiding you from radar the yellow triangle showing YOUR position fades out when ghost is active, when the yellow triangle fills in it means you are camping and ghost is inactive.

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                      I don't use Ghost and it isn't unusual for me to get behind the enemy undetected.  I think the UAV spam claims are rather exaggerated, and I also think that Ghost users being detected while motionless, no matter how short that time is, is quite fair.

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                          Of course it's possible, if they don't call in a UAV. But if they do then you're up "a" creek without a paddle.


                          Two seconds is not enough of a buffer time, not even enough time to reload. I'd like to see it keep you of the radar--no gimmicks. But I could handle ten or fifteen seconds. This would prevent hardcore corner camping but still give someone enough time to pause and assess the situation.


                          What's wrong with someone not showing up on the radar? You have to pay to do so. Ghost replaces a perk that would otherwise be more beneficial, something that gives you an actual advantage in gunfights etc. This is just to counter ONE killstreak. Silencers significantly reduce range and take up an atachment slot that would otherwise be more beneficial, a sight, extended mags, fast mags, quick draw, adjustable stock, all attachements that give you a legitimate advantages in gunfights. That's 1/5 of their class devoted to staying off the radar. Seems fair to me.


                          Should flack jacket only protect you from explosions if you're prone? Should cold blooded only make you invisible to targeting systems if you're more than 50 meters away? Should scavenger only replenish you ammo when the enemy was carring the same gun? You get the point.

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                              If you played older cods this wouldn't be a problem, seems that only players who started playing when Blops came around have this problem, people who played COD4 WAW and MW2 were used to around 90% of people using stopping power and showing up on the the radar, nowadays people NEED to be hidden PLUS have the same damage as those who are not hidden.

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                          There is a 2 second downtime where you wont show up so you can stop for 2 seconds, reload then start moving again and you will not show up on radar.

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                            I used an unlock token on Ghost as well, and no doubt it was worth it.  While it doesn't carry the level of stealth in previous games, it still allows you to move into a flanking position undetected.  I actually like the way it works now, as it can't be used to camp a dark corner.  With each new gun, I spend 150 kills with no attachments or perks, and I'm reminded just how valuable it is.  Ghost works as it should in my opinion, and any complaining about it reveals yourself as a BLOPS1 camper.

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                              Man, I started to play CoD in the version MW3, but I saw a lot of videos of youtubers about MW2, COD4 and BO. Treyarch has just took in the feedback of BO's fans. The majority wanted a closed combat multiplayer. Then all the perks. all the attachments, all the weapons, all the lethal and tactical equipments are done for this type of combat. Of course, some maps are very small and you'll need to stop to reload or you'll die. But the others maps that are medium or large, you don't need to make the pit stop for reload, just walk instead of run for reload and perk Ghost is still working.

                              BO2 is very different from MW3 and others CoD, it's just quite of time that you'll find your way to play.

                              In MW3, all my classes have perk Assassin, but in BO2, all my classes don't have perk Ghost.

                              Just relax and think about it.

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                                How about we just get rid of both. No more Uav and therefore no more need for ghost. Simple solution to a long ongoing problem. Earn a vsat if you want to know the enemy position. For the, love of all that is holy 3Arc fix the lag. I'm tired of always being at the minimum half a sec behind what I see and what's actually happening. I'm sorry people but if you can't afford good Internet then you can't play, I shouldn't have to pay the price for your financial or domicile woes, no more lag comp!