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    Foxhound-Pro please read......

      I realize you are the forum manager and moderator; my hope is that you also might have the ability to convey more of a powerful message then i can.  I am writing this not as an act of defiance or for the sake of some argument.  My intent is solely based on this.  I have enjoyed the game for the last two days; i truly have; however, my good friend's playstation continually crashes.  He has never voiced his opinion on the furoms but i have.  Please if you have any pull or means to convey this message closer; please let the develops know that the fatty/older Playstations are still struggling with this game.  I truly truly don't mean this to be confrontational; i really want the issue focued on and resolved.  My good friend and i have continuelly good rounds; and the game will crash on him.  While i am still enjoying the game; he is losing faith rapidly. 


      I understand you will possibly close this to comments and understand; please do what you can.  Thank you sir.