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    scuff controller?

      hey guys im debating on getting the scuff controller with 2 paddles or the one with 4 the one with 4 is only 15$ more and i think i might as well get the one with 4 lol since im going to have some extra money due to christams . if you have a scuff or heard anything wrong with having 4 paddles please let me know. NOTE: i am 6'6 and have big hands

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          This isn't forum appropriate, because it deals with items that microsoft deems as a violation to its terms and services.


          Secondly, it has nothing to do with Call of Duty Black Ops 2.


          Can we get this moved to Off-Topic?

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            I'll go with the one with 4 paddles. The black and orange one looks sweet. Too bad that color scheme is currently out of stock.


            I guess it's time for me to buy a new scuff with 4 paddles.

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              i own a scuf controller with 2 paddles on the back.  Overall it is a good controller.  Do i necessarily see a huge difference in my game no, not really.  I did get the ps3 domed joysticks option on mine.  I would suggest keeping your left thumbstick concave like that of the xbox because the domed one on the left feels odd and can make your thumb tiresome during long sessions of holding it down to sprint.  Also if you play other games, this is really only good for shooting games and nothing else because the way scuf modifies the triggers for faster shots.  I've tried playing other games with the controller and if you hold the trigger down it goes at alot slower rate than that of a regular controller because they built it for tapping.  In my opinion it is a good controller but not necessarily needed.  I did also own some Razr Onzas and they were nice as well but built like junk and did not last, i went through 4 of them and that is why i ended up getting a scuf.

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                I've had mine for a few months. My first recommendation is don't try a domed aim stick if you aren't used to it, play with a ps3 controller first to see if you like it better or not. I decided to try it on mine and it was fine for a month, but now I notice it negatively impacts my play so I haven't used it in a bit.


                As for the 4 vs 2 paddles, I haven't used the animal yet but I don't think there's a real need for more than 2. I really miss the left paddle for jumping, occasionally miss the right paddle for knifing (mostly when I'm out of ammo). Reloading is always either done automatically by finishing the clip or done when I have the opportunity to move my finger off the stick. Swapping weapons has a slight delay before you can shoot so I don't feel that would be beneficial either.


                I guess if you could actually see yourself benefitting from X/Y paddles (or paying extra to add something else you won't need) then go for the 4, but I really feel it's just a gimmick to get people to pay more who don't think it through.