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        20. Re: Pornographic Gamer Emblems

        oh please everybody knows CoD has been rated T since the first games set in WW2.

        ESRB just put M on the box because of a little virtual blood and naughty language.

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          21. Re: Pornographic Gamer Emblems

          Does not matter what everybody 'knows'. Rules are rules.

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            22. Re: Pornographic Gamer Emblems


              1.   Listed below are some, though not all, violations that may result in Activision terminating or suspending your access to the Product and/or restricting your ability to access and/or post UGC. You agree not to do any of the following actions while using the Product:  
                  1. Harass, threaten, embarrass or cause distress or discomfort upon another participant, user, or other individual or entity;

                  2.   Transmit any UGC that Activision considers to be disruptive, unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, hateful, or racially, sexually, ethnically or otherwise objectionable; 
                  3.   Impersonate any person or entity, including but not limited to Activision; 
                  4.   Disrupt normal Product functionality, or otherwise act in a manner that negatively affects other participants and/or the overall Productexperience; 
                  5.   Post or transmit any unsolicited advertising, promotional materials, or any other forms of solicitation; 
                  6.   Intentionally or unintentionally violate any applicable law, regulation or treaty while using or accessing the Product; 
                  7.   Post multiple posts of the same content (e.g., “spam”); or 
                  8.   Invade the privacy or violate or infringe any right of any person or entity, including, without limitation, any intellectual property right. 
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              23. Re: Pornographic Gamer Emblems

              mnhuskerfan wrote:


              I am disgusted that COD BO2 allows pornographic gamer emblems.  When I am playing that is one thing that I can not stand seeing on my TV.  Extremly tastes and juvenal.  Every ADULT friend of my including their wives hate seeing this.  So I am asking Activision and all the other makes of this game to come down hard on these kids that are making disgusting emblems. 

              It IS against policy. Just use the report button. Dont know where you think they are allowed.


              Activision and Microsoft arent gods. They cant keep track of every single thing with 40 million players out there.

              why do you think a cop is never around every time a crime is going on ?

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                24. Re: Pornographic Gamer Emblems

                DrKuhn wrote:


                This thread is pathetic. All of you saying you're adults and claiming to be so easily offended....seriously...seems you haven't grown up at all. I'm 25 and I could care less what I see with my eyes in a game where you MURDER PEOPLE FOR ENTERTAINMENT. If you find an issue with emblems yet find killing people acceptable then YOU'RE the problem with society today. Just an f.y.i.

                FYI all players AGREED to keep it E for everyone. Microsoft owns the service and not the players. We dont want these ruffians on our paid service.


                The GAME has a rating and you have a CHOICE to buy it. We are seeing these emblems that is not our choice.


                Plus you didnt know that the game designers have artistic freedom ? They are ALLOWED to make a game where it kills models of other players. The game doesnt let you murder PEOPLE.

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                  25. Re: Pornographic Gamer Emblems

                  People are just immature. Report them and move on.

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                    26. Re: Pornographic Gamer Emblems

                    Yeah... I'm rather fed up myself... Just reported 3 players in the same match... One with a woman taking a dump on a guys face... Another with a dong in between some boobs, and a third with a woman sitting on a dildo... And of course all 3 had mics, were definitely teens and all talking in Ebonics... Go figure. I wish they would just ban people like that permanently... Especially since this game is made for a mature audience...

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                      27. Re: Pornographic Gamer Emblems

                      Treyarch should just make an option to turn it off for viewing. If someone has kids present, then turn it off, and you won't see anyones emblem. If you don't mind then turn it to on + report the bad ones.


                      Like someone said earlier - you can turn blood/gore off in the options.

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                        28. Re: Pornographic Gamer Emblems

                        Personally, I'll occationally view an offensive emblem while browsing the lobby.  If I do, I simply move on and the emblem is out of view.  I understand that some of them cross a COC somewhere, but I don't let them get to me.  Why is it so hard to just not look, or to look away?  It's rated M for Mature after all.

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                          29. Re: Pornographic Gamer Emblems

                          My wife plays the game and doesn't appreciate seeing girls being penetrated by penis' and you call HER the problem with society?


                          Get back to me in about thirty years when your maturity and intelligence levels match your current age.

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