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    Do you people (developers of Black Ops 2) ever listen to what the consumer of this game want?

      I would love to hear from someone that is involved with the developement of this game. First of all, why get rid of Hardcore Free for All? If HCFFA is not brought back, I will never buy any COD games again. You don't listen to what we want (yeah us that shelled out $60 for your game, us that PAY YOUR SALARY). You made BILLIONS off these games but you can't afford to squeeze in a little spot for HCFFA? Pathetic.


      Next, why is it that the host (usually the person that paid for a good internet connection) is screwed over by the lag?  Every match you play there are host migrations because the host left the room because they would be shooting someone and that person has the time to turn and kill them before they die. You are fully aware of it so why don' t you fix it?  Again, you made BILLIONS!!!!  You can afford to look for a solution to this problem.

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