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    Found Something That May help with Hit Detection and Lag Issues(updated) FAIL

        I can't make any promises and I may just be on the good side of lag this evening but I made some changes in my router that seemed to help a good deal with hit detection and "second behind" syndrome. Not sure if all routers have these settings but I know most Netgear routers do. The settings I changed are under the advanced WAN settings. By default Disable IGMP Proxying is checked. I removed the checkmark by the box. Only other setting I changed is Respond to ping on internet port which was not checked so I checked the box. Make sure you apply the settings after you make the changes and then cycle your router.



      I can't stress enough how much it helped. Even in lobbies with 50% 3 bar players I am still having spot on hit detection. Seems like 100% of my shots are registering where before maybe 25% if I was lucky. I will let you do the research as to why it helped. It leaves your router a bit more vulnerable but it seemed to definitely help UDP packets flow better. If anyone tries it, please respond to this post with your results. It also lowered my overall ping results from 25-28 ms to 15-18ms. (ping to area approx. 200 miles away)