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    Whats the best headset for ops 2?


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          Re: Whats the best headset for ops 2?

          None, cus you cant sound whore in this game :B

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            Re: Whats the best headset for ops 2?

            the sound in this game is garbage....save your money

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              Re: Whats the best headset for ops 2?

              i use the beyerdynamic mmx 300 combined with the astro mixamp.the system sounds awesome in mw3 and csgo.the sound in bo2 is BS,every headset sounds good in other games but not in bo2.

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                Re: Whats the best headset for ops 2?

                Turtle beach are good. You can pay anything from £60 - £200 quid, but p21's are good for the money.

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                  Re: Whats the best headset for ops 2?

                  I use PX21's  I owned wireless Turtle Beaches, and just got tired of swapping batteries, or forgetting to charge them, and having to play without. The PX21's are a mess of wires, but after trying them at a friends who plays all day long and doesnt worry about battery loss he talked me into buying them.


                  I basically stuff them in a drawer on my home entertainment center when done playing.

                  Let me provide a simple break down review.


                  Sound Cancelation:

                  I have a 1000w  Surround Sound home entertainment center, and am father of 5 loud kids lol.

                  This headset does an awesome job of canceling out background noise. (Has nice Db filter).

                  I can turn my Surround Sound on, having bass rumbling my house from the subwoofer, every shot fired sounds like a real guns going off in my house, but NO ONE IN THE CHATROOM hears my surround sound even at full blast. They only hear me talking when I speak. That alone is freaking awesome.



                  Sound Quality! Sound is without question superior, I cannot see the difference from my old more expensive wireless Turtle Beach set, and ths PX21's. You hear fire crackling, bugs buzzing, and every little noise.  If only COD would fix Awareness to make you truly be able to hear footsteps a whole lot better this headset would be a CHEAT!


                  Wires are it's only downfall, but not if you dont care about having them, and I personally dont mind the wires. Its got more than long enough wire that I could be 10ft away from my TV with probably extra. However I game up close to my TV to feel emerged..


                  It has a chat volume wheel, a bass volume wheel, game volume wheel, and an ESP differential option(You can turn this on or off, it helps shift all sounds to the left of you to the left, and the right of you to the right, and in MW3 its a perfect example of being SUPER AWARE of your enemy's sound making). Once they fix Awareness it will be much the same in BO2.


                  Bass = Awesome   Volume = Blistering loud   Chat volume = annoyingly loud and I always tone down rooms because of this. Game Volume = Is Deffening... no one around you talking to you can get a word to you.. you just wont hear them good enough to make sense of what they are saying.


                  I rate them personally an 8\10.   Solid performer !!!!

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