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        60. Re: **** BO2 - GOOD NEWS STORIES ****




        laggy today but made some new bros n sistas was gun on line. Now for BBQ swin n red in that order.


        life is beautiful....

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          61. Re: **** BO2 - GOOD NEWS STORIES ****

          Good news:

          -I played KC yesterday and had a blast. I went 32 kills with 37 confirms.


          Bad News:

          -I was lagging on that game. I got hitmarkers after hitmarkers.


          Good news:

          -I played  Hardpoint on League, went 37-13, we won and I discovered how fun that game mode is.


          Bad news:

          -I was put on Iron Division.

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            62. Re: **** BO2 - GOOD NEWS STORIES ****

            2XP WE Prestiged and lag was OK played on Best in lobbies with high populations.


            Have not had 1 proby ban since the patch.


            Learnec to rank up faster using Sharp Shooter.


            Played in a couple of clan games.......spawn went constantly flipper an insta death spawns practically disappeared even on Hijacked.



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              63. Re: **** BO2 - GOOD NEWS STORIES ****

              - Increase to points for UAV has balanced  air detection spam. Nice little tweek that.


              - proby ban tweek has eliminated annoying proby bans for xbl and server disconnects - great


              - making good progress greeting gold camos. A little achievement in the scheme of things be a satisfying one for an unremarkable player like me.


              merry Xmas all



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                64. Re: **** BO2 - GOOD NEWS STORIES ****

                Lovin' the TDM Xmas Noobs what fun.

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                  65. Re: **** BO2 - GOOD NEWS STORIES ****

                  I was always strictly a TDM player but have now switched to DOM and when I get no lag I'm really enjoying the game, I don't know why I didn't switch earlier, when I play TDM now it seems like everything's going in slow motion.


                  I can even bear to play Hijacked, Plaza and Express now because the maps seem to have a flow to them now I've got something to aim for.


                  Plus it's great to get a chance to comeback and win when swapping at half time, I know not everybody's a fan of that but that's why I didn't play DOM in other COD games.

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                    66. Re: **** BO2 - GOOD NEWS STORIES ****

                    Today I got my orage wristband in Forza Horizon. Oh... wait... wrong game! Been playing Forza last few days. BO2 and CoD in general is becoming boring again. At least Forza is different enough to enjoy playing and even it has lag issues. Ever seen a car sink into the road and then hop up and fly around a corner not even anywhere near the road with out the wheels even turning? I have and its funny.

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                      67. Re: **** BO2 - GOOD NEWS STORIES ****

                      I suppose it's good news that BO2 turned me onto some other games I would have otherwise never tried:  MoH and Halo 4

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                        68. Re: **** BO2 - GOOD NEWS STORIES ****

                        Today i got stuck in a corner with 3 opponents rushing me. Managed to shoot one, then hit one on the head with a betty he seemed to die (did not know you could do that). Switched to a SMAW and killed the last guy. Was well chuffed with my work there.

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                          69. Re: **** BO2 - GOOD NEWS STORIES ****

                          Got into a knife fight with a P10 who is a total shank champ......the bout lasted for 5 passes. I really concentrated and won the exchange. Is was a tiny moment in the game but I have the clip as a keepsake.


                          The P10 send me the nicest message afterward congratulating me on my effort.


                          What a gentleman and a great gamer, really made me feel great.

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