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        40. Re: Absolutely unacceptable!

        What I find odd about your post, is that not everyone is having these issues, (or at least I'm not).  I had to reset my system a few times, but nothing the complain about really.  I think on the day I got the game, (day after release), it crashed three times, and it has only crashed once or twice since then.  If your getting as many crashes as you say, maybe Notes 357 is right, you have a bad disc.






        BTW, I do not have a preorder disc.

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          41. Re: Absolutely unacceptable!

          Freezing problems are of the past for me, the multiplayer is good. I have no plans to sell this game. Leave the game, doesn't bother any of the community.

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            42. Re: Absolutely unacceptable!

            maybe theyre waiting til they fix the issue, so double xp weekend coming spring

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              43. Re: Absolutely unacceptable!

              no thats not it

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                44. Re: Absolutely unacceptable!

                like the page treyarch sucks on fb

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                  45. Re: Absolutely unacceptable!

                  @creshvan I doubt that it is the disk. Campaign runs well without any problems. Zombies also plays without trouble. Multiplayer is the only issue, and a serious one at that...not for me, but for the majority as well.


                  @Kingfury I applaud your situation...good for you. As for the other half of your post-clearly your simple mind does not see the current issue and its impact on me, as well as others. For you, it may be easy to deal with...but ask yourselve this question, "What about others?" Some had their systems "bricked", some lost all hope, some don't even care at all because they had enough of this nonsense. Do not forget (and this goes for you too creshvan) that I'm not the only one! There are others who are in the exact same predicament as me.


                  You're Welcome.

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                    46. Re: Absolutely unacceptable!

                    Uk player.... Feel like ive been raped of £40 no enjoyment of any kind........after care 0 brains 0 able to sort out 0 future 0

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                      47. Re: Absolutely unacceptable!

                      This isn't necessarily true...On some PS3s its a hard freeze of the whole system, not just multiplayer.


                      I really don't think it's the disc...I played fine on release and my system did not brick until the first patch.

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                        48. Re: Absolutely unacceptable!

                        Like I said, all other games run smoothly without any freezes, issues, problems on my PS3. As for BO2, campaign plays without problems. Zombies plays without any issues as well. The only thing is multiplayer. Like I said, it froze after one hour and 20 minutes after downloading 1.04.

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                          49. Re: Absolutely unacceptable!

                          I am begining to think the disc is my problem, I got the game on release day and have had a few freezes every now and then until yesterday.  I played yesterday for an hour everything was fine, last night i go to play and the game will freeze every time i try to play it, the game will not load for me at all.  I try again today with the new patch same thing.  Today was the first time the disc had been out of my ps3 since release, it is spotless.  All of my other games play fine, i have tried deleteing the texture install and the patch, nothing works.  I am doing the ps3 system restore right now, if that dosent work i will try to exchange to disc tomorrow.

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