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    A message to Treyarch...

      (I'm not a hater I'm just saying this from the heart of the commuity...)


      Dear Treyarch,

      Black ops 2 has some things need fixing I'll go down the list.


      1. Lag


      2. Internet errors


      3. Weird sever offline status


      4. (biggest issue of all) Skill based matchmaking

      Know don't get me wrong SBM is a great idea but it fails due to the following


      1. Same skilled players


      2. Host lag


      3. unbalanced teams


      Know Treyarch if they gets rid of SBM that's also a issue. But they should fix it and instead of same skilled players they should make it for same skilled teams so games can feel equal.


      Know this what I feel should get fixed or edited so tell me guys did I leave anything out? Tell me in the replies below and talk about other things that could fix these issues.


      Thank you & bye

      sincerly John