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      I'm getting my WiiU tomorrow, was just wondering about headsets on BO2 can you use any cheap ones are do we have to buy the extortionate set?


      or are the cheap ones not worth buying?


      thanks for any help

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          I've new been using a set of iPhone headphones. Works fine except you can't mute them.

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            get a turtle beach headset for the wii u they have one for it

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              You can use pretty much any kind of analog headset/earphones. I've been using my skullcandies when playing sometimes. I just can't mute myself when others enter the room and whatnot


              If you have earbuds that have a remote and mic you could use that too (as @7echidna7 mentioned). Just plug it into the gamepad and you're good to go.



              Unless you want a basic microphone to use for online, i'd wait on the Turtle Beaches. If not, then go for it. Sometime next year they might have something better, which is why i'm waiting on it.

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                I got the WiiU Rocketfish headset at BestBuy for $19.99 but they are a full ear cup which is very tight and squeezed the crap out of my ears after an hour. Plus the game audio is on the TV, only the chat is in the headset so you end up leaving on side off so you can hear. (much like the old headset geewizz) anyway I'm going to return it and get the nice WiiU wrap around head set at Target for the same price I think it will work much better.

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                  This is what I got, and it works perfectly.


                  http://www.amazon.com/Plantronics-M214C-Headset-Adjustable-Volume/dp/B000ANOY7M/ ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1354553552&sr=8-4&keywords=plantronic+headset


                  It's cheap ($14), only one ear so you can hear your TV, you can mute the mic, you have mic sensivity, and earpeice volume. The mic doesn't pick up your TV noise so you don't annoy everyone else. The only bad thing is, its a 2.5mm jack. You need to buy a 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter as well ($3).---> $17 total

                  http://www.amazon.com/Malcom-Distributors-Female-Adapter-Enabled/dp/B003LLEG00/r ef=pd_bxgy_cps_img_y

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                      3.5mm adapters don't work.


                      I tried using my Xbox Turtle Beaches with one and the game refuses to pick them up properly. If I fool around with the adapter, sometimes the game will pick up my voice but then I can't hear anyone.



                      It's not my headset or 3.5mm adapter because they work fine with Skype calls on the PC...

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                      I got the Target headset last night and returned the one to Best Buy. I like the Target one a lot better with the wrap around it does not squeeze my head as much and I can hear the TV just fine.

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                          So the last 2 nights I have been playing online and all of the sudden people report that my mic is creating static on thier side. So I mute the mic and play on. The target wrap around headset may not be the best deal or i could have one that just has a loose wire. I returned it today and picked up a phillips universal online chat headset. It was about $3 more than the wii branded one but it has a real mic boom and a nicer looking mute switch (which I think was the source of my problems before). Lets hope this one does the trick.


                          On a side note someone online last night said it is possible to get the game sound and chat sound in the headset with out using the gamepad as the sensor bar. He said it had something to do with entering the campain mode with the game pad and then backing out into the multiplayer lobby with the wiimote.

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                          OK OK HOLD UP....


                          do these headphones ONLY allow you to talk/be heard?


                          so you cant hear gameplay as well?


                          one ear on and one ear off so that you can converse with people who have mics while listening to the TV for game audio?


                          thats weak.


                          imma hold off on headphones till Nintendo makes the update that will allow wireless USB headphones like the Afterglows, to work on the U.


                          once thats confirmed to have gameplay as well as voice chat in the same headphone...


                          then i'll be mic'd up.

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                              The headsets are only used for chat just like all other Wii COD games. Unless you are using the gamepad as a display then the game sound and chat are all in the headset which rocks my socks off. Afterglows were tested by someone I met in game play and they had terrible echo problems. Also everyone with a mic needs to turn thier freaking TV's down and sit in a quite room. I don't need to hear your kids screaming in the background.

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                                I have the same question. I have Wirelesss Afterglows on the way and PDP swears they work (plug gray cable into headset and other end into game pad). Not sure I trust this though. I have some headphones/mic that came with my Galaxy S3 and I can't get them to work. If i plug them into the game pad (on or off), I can be heard, but I can't hear. Sound still comes through my home theater, but I can't hear chat. It does pick up my voice though. So damn confusing. And yes, PDP said (like Trey), that it's on Nintendo to patch it. Don't hold your breath.