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    How bad is hacking now?

      So I stopped playing when my wii broke, but now I'm getting a new one, I wanna know whether it's worth playing this game again. I've heard some pretty bad things like the hacking being out of control and no patches etc. Can anyone shed some light here please?

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          Re: How bad is hacking now?

          If you are a COD fan or just want to play the active one,get WiiU and Black ops 2 (if you can afford it)


          But to answer your questions:


          About 10 months with no patches.


          hackers are there,they do bad things and ruin the match,but there are still good matches.

          Everyday about 3000 people play MW3 on wii.

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            Re: How bad is hacking now?

            save up for the U and BO2.


            we need more people online.


            i only see about 400 to 500 people online at a time.

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              Re: How bad is hacking now?

              Well wiis will be about........$3?

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                  Re: How bad is hacking now?

                  I haven't seen a huge amount of hackers, although I do find a (obvious) hacker usually at least every 5 or so matches. If you think about it from the hackers' point of view:


                  1. None/Very little regulation of MW3 Wii.


                  2. Hey, I've bought SD card(s) for hacking my Wii, why not get Wii U and BO2 to play the coolest/ latest CoD games?


                  Overall, YES there are more hackers on MW3 Wii due to no/very little regulation. But at the same time NO, due to the release of Wii U and BO2. In other words, it's most likely about the same.


                  Some Advice: Buy a Wii U (probably has a LITTLE bit more "Anti-Hacker" technology installed into it (a.k.a. less hacker PROBABLY). Or you can buy an XBOX 360 which is pretty much as good as a Wii U.

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