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    Treyarch's steps on "How to get rid of lag in a multiplayer game" are a JOKE

      If you didn't know on DEC 4th treyarch posted a thread here in support with several steps on How to get rid of lag in a multiplayer game. They failed to acknowledge that it was poor net coding on their part, and mentioned how it is probably our internet, and bad compability between our routers and the game.


      You have got to be freaking kidding me.


      Oh wait, but it gets better. Their supposed "fix" involves forwarding some ports and placing the xbox on the DMZ server of your router I (as if everyone with lag problems didn't already do this). Wow - they didn't get as far as MTU settings, and giving the xbox QOS priority over other devices.


      This is just sad. On top of that their upcoming patch is not patching or tweaking in any way LAG COMP.


      Here's a link to their article if anyone wants to see it: