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    Dear Treyarch, please advise on how to play Black Ops 2?

      One caveat, I play Mercenary Moshpit and do not want to run around rushing with a sub machine gun 24/7 on every map and gamemode.


      Tried using submachine guns to play defensively and objectively, maybe get 1 or 2 kills before being taken out due to small maps and a bazillion flank points (just played domination on overflow, what a spam disaster B flag is). No point capping A or C because as soon as you do, the other team immediately starts spawning at the opposite end of the map and caps the oppposite flag.


      Tried using assault rifles and can play decently on Turbine and Drone (if I completely avoid the elec door room). Unfortunately due to the way you've purposefully designed the game, this is the major chokepoint in this map so I wind up mostly shooting down UAVs all game and picking off odd stragglers.


      On objective modes (all maps) anyone silly enough like me to be using an assault rifles gets bumrushed by SMG users, able to run from one end of the map to the other before I've finished reloading.


      As for all the other maps, whatever the game mode it's just constantly getting rushed by SMG users. There is no strategy that I've found as an assault rifle user to combat this. Even running in the opposite direction from objectives doesn't work, as due to the speed of SMG rushers and tiny size of the maps they can cover 99% of the terrain and have time to rush back to the objectives, including the "dead" areas of the map.


      Tried using Light Machineguns for supressive fire, get lolwtfbbqspawnkilled by SMG rushers before I can even leave the spawn area. On the odd occasion I do make it outsde, I'm then unsure what to do. If I run into anyone they have a SMG and I get bulletfaced before 2 rounds of my gun go off. If I play objectively if I get anywhere near the objective I get bumrushed by a SMG rusher.


      Oh and if I kill someone with a LMG, chances are I'm so far behind my team the guy I just killed spawns near me and kills me, even if I hit sprint and try to clear the area.


      Tried playing a support role and keeping the skies clear. That goes like this:


      1. Shoot down one of the 3-4 UAVs in the air, get killed, spawn.


      2. See above.


      At the end of the match I've shot down 20-30 UAVs, we still usually lose and I have a terrible k:d ratio and sit around the bottom of the scorelist (well, duh).


      Tried sniping, lol. The second I stop to aim I get bumrushed by a SMG rusher.


      Treyarch please advise how non-SMG rushers are supposed to play black ops?


      I never played BO1 but I'm coming from MW2 and 3... this is my first Treyarch COD and I'm consistently finding it appallingly restrictive. I'm not just ranting after one or two games etiher, I've put hours into this trying to work out how to get some enjoyment out of playing the game. Got it at launch and am at the end of prestige 2. Now I'm completely out of ideas/gun tweaks and have hit a dead end, short of equipping a SMG and rushing around, which is painfully boring.


      Hell, we used to do that in Doom2 back in the 1990s with the plasma rifle... twenty years later and you've taken the FPS scene full circle.


      I just finished playing what will probably be my last gaming session with BO2 as I don't see how you can fix such lopsided maps without completely redesigning them (not gunna happen), which have in turn totally skewered the many different styles of gameplay that used to populate the COD battlefield.


      BO2 has been shelved and probably isn't coming off anytime soon (I might give it a few more hours after this patch, whenever that comes out). Or unless someone can advise how to play this game as a non-SMG rusher.


      Definitely leaning towards never buying another Treyarch produced game again.

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          Re: Dear Treyarch, please advise on how to play Black Ops 2?

          I play moshpit with the FAL DSW with target finder and second primary as a smg and I almost always have at least a 2:1 kd.


          If you like assault rifles use the type 25 with a quick draw handle, you can ads before the smgers stop sprinting to aim.


          Moshpit is always small maps so you'll mostly see shotgun noobs and smg  sprinters.


          I have lots of tips because those are the two types of players I hate the most

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              Re: Dear Treyarch, please advise on how to play Black Ops 2?

              As far as I know Merc Moshpit plays all gamemodes across all maps, we're not missing out on anything.


              Part of the problem is I love burst weapons (tried the chicom whatever it's called, no go) so am primarily using the SWAT (one of the slowest if not the slowest gun in the game I know, but that 4 burst AR is garbage). I've got it double prestiged gold unlocked... but it's mostly been a slog (I came from the Type 95 in MW3 pre/post nerf patch).


              Type 25 I've tried and found it to be pretty weak. It has 0 recoil but I still find myself getting taken out by hipfiring SMG users. Quickdraw will help against those SMG users bothering to ADS (lol?) but my experience is that they don't bother (why should they?).


              It's a constant stream of engagements of hipfire and if I set up the T25 to hipfire hell I might as well just be using a SMG hey.


              I've also tried the FAL (shortly after launch, haven't gone back to it) and found I couldn't compete against multiple targets (I can with burst weapons, just not single fire (think I hit the trigger too hard and it throws my aim)). I found myself using it as a pistol more than anything due to the nature of most maps.  That and I found it difficult to place followup shots (2 hit kill right?) due to the increased speed players are now running at.


              Loaded up MW3 a few days ago (which I thought was fast from MW2) and my god... had to kick myself at how much slower it was. I also had to constantly remind myself I didn't have to rush around because I constantly had half the enemy with SMGs up my bum honing in on my every move.

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                  Re: Dear Treyarch, please advise on how to play Black Ops 2?

                  You might need to change your engagement strategy. Smgs and shotguns are for in your face,  when I use ARs I stay back a little and move on the edges of maps. You could also try camping. Personally I finding the fal is really good with fmj and target finder. Also try andjustmenta in your look sensitivity. Too high and you throw your aim, too low and you can't get a bead on your target

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                      Re: Dear Treyarch, please advise on how to play Black Ops 2?

                      M8A1 with Stock and Red Dot



                      Go Pro!

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                          Re: Dear Treyarch, please advise on how to play Black Ops 2?

                          Just now gave both the FAL and M8 another bash...


                          found the m8 not dropping anyone, even with 4 hitmarkers (?). Also it couldn't counter vectors and that 50 clip SMG insta-death. I'd get the shots off but I'd drop.


                          FAL I just couldn't drop anyone, kept getting hitmarkers everywhere.


                          Went back to the SWAT and did ok (won a few matches, postivie KD) but 95% of head on engagements are losses against SMGs at any range UNLESS I got the drop on them.


                          Even then if they have a UAV up the second I stop to position myself they know where I am, bumrush around the corner hipfiring and I'm insta-dead.


                          And I still have no idea how to play objective modes in BO2 without SMG rushing. There just doesn't seem to be any viable alternative. BO2 is officially back on my shelf. Had enough of this garbage.

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                          Re: Dear Treyarch, please advise on how to play Black Ops 2?

                          That's what I'd do in MW3 with the Type95. I know ARs aren't for going all in the middle of the map. Not unless you're clearing a path somewhere (objectives).


                          In BO2 I find even the perimeters of maps are just glorified 2m wide open corridors, with plenty of sharp corners. Not to mention every few meters around the perimeter you've got a path leading into the centre of the map. I typically find there's always at least one shotgun/smg rusher sprinting around the outside of the map trying to catch out AR and sniper users. Can't do anything against them either.


                          Stopping to aim just shows them where you are so they can rush you even quicker.


                          I get flanked to buggery if I hang out around (or I see no action and we ultimately lose). I'm trying to play the objectives but it's just not happening. Sitting back by yourself trying to catch the odd rusher isn't my idea of fun, but there's nowhere else to position myself!

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                      Re: Dear Treyarch, please advise on how to play Black Ops 2?

                      Also moshpit doesn't include aftermath or Yemen. Honestly drone is a big map and the biggest in moshpit.

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                        Re: Dear Treyarch, please advise on how to play Black Ops 2?

                        I think you need a title that will better attract their attention so they can see these concerns, from the title you get the impression that this thread is just some noob asking for tips and tricks from Treyarch which they obviously wouldn't spend their time to look at/answer.


                        I think all you/we can do is wait and hope they can fix things. I am confident they will work on weapon rebalancing in the patch since it's no secret that SMGs and Shotguns are completely dominant in this game. Yes, it is due to map design, but the problem can still be fixed by tweaking weapons in relativity to the map sizes.


                        Fingers crossed for next patch. I don't find Black Ops 2 nearly as frustrating as previous CODs, but I definitely agree there is not enough room for different playstyles and while I am a rusher myself, I'm not a sprint around corners hipfiring kind (well, not all the time anyways). I like moving about the map quickly but relatively strategically and often liked using an Assault Rifle to do so, but that really isn't an option right now.

                        SMG w/ Heavy Barrel = Assault Rifle w/ Quickdraw, Stock, Laser Sight, Lightweight Attachment

                        Should not be like that.

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                          Re: Dear Treyarch, please advise on how to play Black Ops 2?

                          You might not like this suggestion but maybe you should try hardcore. All guns can be used and all guns kill if you're on target and get a few rounds off. Core is off limits for me until the next patch and unless you want to play moh or bf, hardcore cod is something similar but different. Give it a try you've already shelved it so you've nothing to lose.

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                              Re: Dear Treyarch, please advise on how to play Black Ops 2?

                              I may give HC a try, all this rushing around getting a couple kills, then getting killed, then repeat that scenario again,  is getting old fast, even worse now that people have started running a knife with EXT conditioning, they can sprint across the entire map now....christ theres guys running all over Carrier, with shotguns SMGs and Knives only because they can run so fast, you spawn and already have 3 or 4 guys right in your face

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                                Re: Dear Treyarch, please advise on how to play Black Ops 2?

                                I might give hardcore a go. I've never really played it on any COD.


                                Do you get stomped by 6 man teams in it? (that's the main reason I play Merc).

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                                    Re: Dear Treyarch, please advise on how to play Black Ops 2?

                                    HC is a different kettle of fish from core. There's way more mercs that use their mics but you still come across your campers and afk'ers. If you come across a clan or party of 6 it doesn't always mean they'll beast you. Catch them on a weekend and well alcopops can make them an easy target or a dead man walkin


                                    HC can be slower paced but that's only when you're up against slower paced opposition as a lot of the HC players know how to beast core but for whatever reason made the transition.


                                    It's more immersing than core and it's not as much pacman like but if you hear enemy uav inbound it's a wise move to take it down fast. Get your flak jacket ready though as a kill is a kill for some and they use whatever does the job. Get your classes set up so you can switch quickly to adapt.


                                    Like I've said both of you have nothing to lose if you're fed up with core already so give it a try.

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