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    Anyone have some headshot tips?

      Whereas I am new to the forum, I want to get more topics that aren't people complaining about lag comp, campers, quickscopers, or what have you. I am interested in hearing some tips about how to get headshots as my goal is to get Diamond for all the guns. I am not normally good with getting them, normally I just use the gun until I get 100 headshots and go from there. I am not a sprayer (Average accuracy being 28%) but I find getting headshotting people to be difficult. My main cocern being SMGs, but I would like to keep this open to helping anyone.


      Things I have found out:

      Specifically with LMGs I realize that the Hybrid Optic's shorter distance scope is basically a reflex, however, if you look/shoot at the torso using the semi-ACOG portion and then switch to the Reflex-like sight it moves the point of fire upward, near the head.


      Another thing, aim for "head glitchers" or "window campers" as all you can see is their head, a couple bursted (it IS possible to let go of the trigger, I promise) shots will earn that wonderful sound of earning a Headshot medal.


      If you have any tips regarding getting headshots or concerns with specific weapons/types post here. Lets help each other out.

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          Instead of starting your shots low and moving up to the head, try to start just above the head and move lower. And using a forgrip always helps.

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            Play hardcore. One-shot headshots with pretty much everything at a reasonable range. If that's not your cup of tea, then... Just keep doing what you're doing. It sounds like you're on the right track to me, as, that's exactly what I've been doing. At this point, I've got Diamond LMGs & ARs... So close to Diamond shottys, onto the M1216 finally.


            I guess the next bit of advice is, aim for the upper chest/ neck. If they hit you with a bullet, your sight will usually bounce up into their head, resulting in a headshot. If they're oblivious to your presence, just aim for the head & fire off a burst or two. Should also result in a headshot.


            Also, if you're going to stick to core, always use Toughness.. In my experience (more days than I'm willing to admit), toughness is a necessity in Core games.

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                Those Diamond LMGs are awesome huh? Got mine last night. And that M1216 in Core was a nightmare.


                Anyways I find Perk 2 to be the weakest category (have only ever used Fast Hands) so I will have to try Toughness.


                However Fast Hands made me remember something else: Concussions and Shock Charges are your friends, people may hate you, but hey, a headshot is a headshot. Chuck it at them and aim for their helpless heads (or children as my phone wanted to autocorrect that to...)

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                  im with this guy thats what i do, and i have to do it again since Activision cant give me my stats and ranks back.

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                  I find aiming at the head and firing helps.

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                    Welcome to the forums man.


                    Once you work your way through the BS, I think you'll find that there are a number of mature people here willing to help.


                    As for headshots - mostly all non-SMG guns can get you headshots purely by aiming.


                    For headshots with SMGs though, the key is - laser sight attachment. Stick that on, and try and line up your laser with an enemy at the shoulders and above and hip fire. What you'll find is that once you start firing, you'll get headshots relatively easy.


                    With the laser increasing hipfire accuracy, you'll get plenty of shots on target. You'll also get one or two actual "head shots", which factored into the rest of the damage you are dealing, will result in a headshot kill.


                    Other than that - don't sweat it. I find that I did this with the PDW and MP7 to get them gold, but didn't bother with the rest of them; you'll get your headshots during the regular procession of the game just be patient. If you can't be patient, then slap on the laser sight and go for the headshot hipfire (easier to do than the ADS head shot because the recoil).

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                      I've been trying to unlock Diamond for the SMG's, so I have some recent experience.  I find that suppressor + laser sight is the way to go.  Because of the minimal recoil, I find that sweeping back and forth at head level can yield headshots at will.  Also, I play Demolition so I'll usually get at least two easy headshots per game on enemies planting or defusing the bomb.  I was wrapping up my MSMC headshots yesterday and lucked into a 12 headshot game.

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                        Laser sight and hip fire at enemies heads.

                        You'll lose more gunfights, but go way up in the headshot count.

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                          SMG's are easy , just use Laser and long barrel, and aim a little bit up tothe head, and BOOOM magic headshot, i started to run this after i got the mp7 golden, from the average 1-3 headshots i went for 6-10+ headshots (ground war) and right now i already got the golden MSMC, starting with the chicom next prestige

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                            Heh, I could shoot people in the kneecaps and it would give me a headshot medal. And I could plainly shoot people in the head as that's the only part of their body not in cover (ie headglitching), and I wouldn't get awarded a headshot medal. All I can say is play the game as normal. You will get them eventually without trying.

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                              1. Figure out where you are hitting most...

                              2. Aim up as farther up/down you need to from your "Hot Spot".

                              3. Get lots of headshots

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                                Right now i have both smg's and snipers diamond no boosting.

                                The best tips which i can give to people who are trying to get diamond camo for smg's are that run with a reflex sight with the default dot, use foregrip and long barrel. to me this really helped because if you just keep aiming for the head each game there would be no recoil for the gun. Usually this class would pick me up 20-25 headshots depending on the gamemode. I've seen people who use a laser sight and try to luck it out but that way is just basing it if the gun's path is lucky. Run with toughness as well, it really helps and i know this might sound stupid but aim high and just shoot with enough practice it will eventually become a habit and make it easier to score the most needed headshots.

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                                  Free-for-all did the trick for me. 1 on 1 gunfights and you catch many people offguard. Most games where I focused on headshots I had around 8 to 10 of them per match.

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                                    Aim for the head ! Works wonders !

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                                      laser dot attachment + Aim above te chest = headshot 80% of the time.

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                                        Aim for the groin.

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                                          I found the ACOG sight helped me loads. or certain reticles (like the rocker one on the EOtech sight) would cause me to get more and more headshots.


                                          Also, learn how to sneak up on campers. great source of easy headshots right there

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                                            play HC. Much easier to get headshots. I just finished all of my pistols and I found the hardest one to be the executioner. I was running dead silence / awareness / scavenger / ghost / lightweight. I found that a lot of times i came up behind people prone or scoped in. I took my time on almost all of those to make sure I got a headshot.

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                                              Aiming is the worst thing you can do in this game. Spray circles from the hip and you will most likely get more headshots.

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                                                the headshot register seems to be just slightly ABOVE the head. this is why sometimes when you think you are getting a headshot, you dont.  keep that in mind.


                                                hardcore is a better bet here. reason:


                                                you can calm your mind slighly knowing it is less shots per kill. this can allow you to focus more on the headshot(of course, this is all within miliseconds)



                                                on full auto weapons, dont just lay on the trigger. control your weapon and train your mind to aim for the head instead of center of mass.


                                                it will take some game time to train yourself, but once you do, it will come easier.

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                                                  Two days I ago I saw a youtuber with headshot tips playing FFA.  Started playing FFA mode to get more headshots with my LMGs.  I'm using quickdraw with a reflex sight.  Lightweight, Toughness, Scavenger and Dexterity perks and two concussion grenades.   FFA helps to get gunfights that are up close and allows you to throw the concussion and aim for the shoulders get the head shot.  You could also try fast hands and tac mask if you prefer close quarters gunfights in rooms.


                                                  This strategy has helped me get a lot more headshots than playing team based matches.