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    Solution for Guardian/Sentry Gun/Betty spawning in HC CTF (attn. Treyarch)

      I spent several hundred hours playing HC CTF in the original Black Ops. I've spent many hours playing it in Black Ops II, but there is one major issue that needs addressing: spawning into enemy equipment. This is TERRIBLE. It is absolutely ruining the game itself. I've gotten put in games (in progess) where I spawned into Guardians right off the bat. And then died again and again and again. There is a VERY easy fix for this in HC CTF...


      Institute a two second spawn immunity to spawning players. That's it. If the player spawning uses his weapon, grenade, axe, etc., then the immunity wears off before the two second timer. But this needs to be put in because of the rampant use of equipment to spawn kill. Spawn killing is bad enough, but when the game spawns you into enemy equipment... something drastic needs to be done. Please fix this... it's unfair and you're creating legions of players who try for the spawn kills instead of actually playing the objective. Thanks for your time.