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        20. Re: K/D Ratio!!!!!!!!!

        I only play domination, my k/d sucks

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          21. Re: K/D Ratio!!!!!!!!!

          My K/D gets me women. How would you know if youve always sucked? B**tches be lined up outside my door.


          Congrats, youve made the dumb thread of the week.

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            22. Re: K/D Ratio!!!!!!!!!

            True domination players will have a low k/d and higher w/l. This is due to the k/d scrubs that plague the game type. They don't care about winning so they don't cap flags. they just sit around in the back of the map sniping or hiding in corners.


            Anyone with a 2.0+k/d and 1.0 -  w/l and plays objective games is nothing but a scub. They suck too bad to play TDM, so they go in to a game type that has objectives. That way the other team is working on the objective and makes it easier for them to kill.


            So if you are that kind of player, just remember, you are a scub.

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              23. Re: K/D Ratio!!!!!!!!!

              AHHHH I see the rednecks have exited the asylum, only reason the 'B*tches are lined up at your door is to offer moral support to your momma!

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                24. Re: K/D Ratio!!!!!!!!!

                Where can i see my total deaths in this game ? I can't seem to find it.

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                  25. Re: K/D Ratio!!!!!!!!!

                  if they got rid of K/D totally then all the objective based games will be a hell of a lot more fun and harder to win!


                  typical hardpoint game win by over 150 points but end up with say 25kills 30deaths then there is a guy on the other side with 40 - 8 no captures or defends! Play TDM FFS!

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                    26. Re: K/D Ratio!!!!!!!!!

                    I play most game types. I have great games and I have horrible games. Stats in general don't make the player. Certain maps almost promise me 25+ deaths on Domination. My K/D stands at .73 right now. Do you think that made me enjoy the game I went 61-12 any less while working on the gold DSR? Absolutely not.

                    If ANYTHING is to be counted, I'd say my 13 game win streak on Domination says a lot more than my K/D.

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                      27. Re: K/D Ratio!!!!!!!!!

                      I inserted the last sentence in there for people that were to thick to detect sarcasm. Clearly that wasnt enough for one person.

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                        28. Re: K/D Ratio!!!!!!!!!

                        i can not tell you the amount of times i have lost a game because my full team seem to be trying to just kill people instead of doing the objective, i have also won many games very easy because of this aswell though, like last night 2 people went something like 62-12 & 58-18 yet we beat them 200-93 on domination and would you believe it they did not have one cap, so they didnt even cap the spawn flag just so they could get into there camping spot even quicker,

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                          29. Re: K/D Ratio!!!!!!!!!

                          the biggest problem with "kill farming" in objective games is that the typical "kill whore" does believe he is helping his team by farming. this is the guy or gal calling in multiple uavs and other scorestreaks that tie up the offending team making it harder for them to reach and/or play the objective.


                          i am not a fan of this tactic as you usually find them camped out in their spawn or on their flag for most of the match. digging them out is often more trouble then it's worth and in most cases only adds to thier scorestreak.

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