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    k/d and score per min dropped in blops 2 + not playing well? What do you think the reason is?

      Hi all,

      I've been playing black ops 2 since release and I've noticed that I havn't been playing well i.e. seem to lose more gunfights and just generally not doing well. I try not to blame lag etc because I used to do well in MW3 (even though i didn't like the game tbh) as well as black ops. My score per minute is down from those 2 games as well as k/d (blops 2 SPM: <200 while in mw3 and blops SPM 235 and higher). Overall I seem to be less effective in capping points, getting killstreaks etc. Perks seem to be pretty balanced as far as I know. I have no problem finiding players using ghost etc but seem to lose gunfights anyways


      I think the reason is that SMGs seem to have more power over range - I tend to use assault rifles which seem close to useless. Up close and at meduim range SMGs are more effective. You try using over medium-long distance snipers seem to be more effective. LMGs fall into this problem as well as I like to use LMGs as well.


      I don't think map knowledge is a problem plus I think the maps are better than the clusterf*ck maps of MW3

      Anyone else having similar problems? Know the reason? I can't quite put my finger on it :S