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    ghost isnt working properly

      4 matches... ghost did NOT work for me today, and in the last hour, everytime i was running, i didnt stopped or anything, the enemy knew EXACTLY where i was EVERY SINGLE TIME, wtf? i mean, im using ghost and im moving, i shouldnt be showing on their UAV, but i do!

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          If you are playing core and you fire your weapon without a supressor, then you will appear on the mini map even with ghost.

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            Not hard to predict movement ghost or no ghost. Check heat maps evidence stands out like dogs balls. Ghost works fine you are predictable. And sorry to say OP yours is a bloody niave post.

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              To be honest this isn't due to Ghost but to the size of maps and players knowing the common routes taken on these maps, even without ghost perk due to the time of a UAV sweep, keeping mobile is the only way to go when UAV is being spammed, DO NOT LET Ghost perk give you a false sense of security, assume that they can see you and play accordingly.

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                Ghost works just fine.  It keeps you off UAV while moving.  Ghost does not make you invisible.  Ghost does not make up for bad play habits.  Let me give you some basic advice.


                You're lowest kill streak is ALWAYS UAV when you have Ghost on.  You have a major advantage that only works if the opponent doesn't see you coming before hand.  It works even better if you know where your opponents are coming from.  When you get a UAV on standby, don't use it immediately.  Use it when YOU need it.  It's your scorestreak, be selfish with it.  If you are surround by friendlies, UAV isn't of use to you.  Wait till you are moving into a position where want more information about what's going on around you, then use the UAV.  A UAV right before a stealth clearing of an enemy position is the diference between getting a triple kill and getting shot in the back.


                Use Engineer.  Bouncing Betties, Shock Sticks, Claymores, and the like will either kill you or give away your position.  Remember, if you use the Black Hat on an enemy item, they are notified that someone is nearby.  This can be an advantage and a disadvantage.  It's an advantage when you change it over, then move around the building to the other side to shoot him in the back as he investigates what's going on.  It's a disadvantage when you change it over and then charge in the door as if he doesn't pay attention to the announcer.


                When you have ghost on, learn to control your engagments.  Sneak around as if you don't have ghost at all but really wish you did have Ghost.  Attack only if you have inititive.  The moment you attack, you lose all advantage, don't blow it.  He can and will tell his teammates you are there.  When he dies, assume he's going to spawn 50 ft away with a personal vendetta against you.


                Don't EVER start a fight you can't always win.  If the initial attack fails for some random reason (the guy makes it into cover, for example)  Learn to run away.  You have ghost, what's he gonna do see you leave on the radar?  Move to better position, re-engage as necessary.


                After a sucessful engagment, change your route immediately.  The people you just took out will respan and run to the end of the route you are currently on and wait for you, because they hate being killed by Ghosted players.


                Kill no more than three opponents in an area.  Every last one of them will come back and hunt you down before you get the fourth opponent.


                Remember, once you take down a target, all advantages provided by Ghost are lost in the area you took the target down.  Assume he has a headset.  He knows you're there, and he will look for you.  If you're smart, you can use this to your advantage.  If UAV is up, watch for the new red blips, those are spawning enemies.  You see where he spawns, assume he's going to make a charaging route to where he died and set up an ambush between where he spawned and where he died.  Nothing is more annoying than running to kill the Ghost guy who got you and getting shot in the back again.

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                  I understand EXACTLY what your saying. I have over six days played and have seen it numerous times. Blind eye is broken as well. I had a steealth chopper kill me while wearing blind eye on differnt occasions. Before trolls open their pieholes, I understand what to wear for the right situation. Some of this game is broken believe it or not.

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                    when you use ghost dont move with your team bcos some or all of them may not have ghost on and red dot chasers will spot them and spot you too cos you are with them.

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                      Maybe they can hear you. There was no UAV's in air, but this guy always seemed to know where I was.

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                        I don't know about you but I can read the map and predict where the enemies will be. Ghost or no Ghost, I know where to watch where they will be coming from.

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                          As I previously stated my brother joined my match and was on the other team. Enemy UAV goes up and I am running but he saw me and killed me. I wasn't firing and my set up is as follows: Ghost/Blind Eye, Cold Blooded, Dead Silence/Engineer. I don't know how this stupid ghost perk works but it seems to be broken. Also, when you hit the start button when a friendly UAV is up I believe it shows everyone who doesn't show up on the mini map. FIX GHOST!!