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    Why is everything OVERPOWERED? - Rock, Paper, Scissors!

      Firstly I would like to say WTF!!!


      Why on earth is it that when ever I go into a thread that doesn't mention hard freeze's or lag in the heading is it that all I see is people blaming overpowered this, overpowered that! FFS nothing is overpowered! the amount of things that have been nerfed through the past few COD games is a joke and it's all down to some guy that keeps getting owned!


      The only thing in this game that is overpowered is the LAG, if I die due to lag I get annoyed but when I die due to someone having a better setup for a certain situation than me I think, maybe I should have tried to play that differently. This is a result of being out played not his gun being OP, he just layed down his scissors when I went with Paper!


      Can people stop going on about the UAV spam as well the only reason this is used so much is because the game connection is so inconsistant and therefore the high scorestreaks are very difficult to achieve and therefore people choose to use lower scorestreaks! Typically I find people either use UAV, Lightning Strike & Stealth Chopper or UAV, CP & Lightning Strike. This means that the only time you see a high streak is when someone gets it in a CP.


      Does any body agree with me?

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