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    I might be tempting fate...

      ...however, the last two evenings have been nearly perfect for me.


      No crashes and people who I expect to kill seem to. The gun battles I lost - I reckon I deserved to lose.


      I was playing with connection set to best (which is a new thing I changed) and set my PS3 up with a static IP and DMZ all PS3 traffic. It is already hard wired via ethernet right to the modem/router (which also made a difference).


      The only other difference was that whilst I was playing no-one else was on the internet so it was dedicated to my PS3 traffic - whilst other nights my son was on Minecraft or my daughter was using the internet.


      So I'm going to see what happens when others are using the internet tonight to see if that is the issue.


      My internet connection is 36MMbps down and 18Mbps down with a 17ms or 18ms ping everytime...


      I had problems on Virgin media sometimes as the ping varied so much from 30ms up to 60ms - depending on their traffic management policies..


      Anyway - perhaps I had a lucky two evenings, however, I really enjoyed it, so fingers crossed it stays like that...