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    [AkMG] Askew Militia Gaming...PS3 Community

      Recruiting for Black Ops II


      [AkMG] Askew Militia Gaming is an online community of CoD Black Ops II gamers. We are centered around fun in gaming and we're looking for like minded gamers to join us. We play to be competetive but will not rage on gamers for their skill and/or KDR. We are a fair gaming community that will not accept cheaters/booster. We are registered with Elite and have a Gamebattles team gearing up on Major League Gaming.


      -18+ yrs old

      -Mic Preferred (not required)

      -Team Players

      -No Ragers

      -Honest Players (no cheating/boosting)


      We are not focused on the number on our titles, being the top 100 clan, Clan Ops or Challenges. We like to push ourselve to out best and won't back down from a match, enjoy the outcome no matter what and like the challenge of a good match.


      Looking for competetive gaming?


      We are also looking for competetive gamers to join our Comp Team.


      -Mic (required for Comp Team)

      -Team Player

      -Active on Site/Game

      -Attend Practices (when available)


      Apply @ askewmilitiagaming.enjin.com