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    Nightmare Ops II

      This game is a complete nightmare.


      I refuse to play the game until it is playable. (If ever)


      So earlier, I was playing a Free-For-All match on Hijacked.



      Why? SPAWNKILLING! Every single ******* time I spawned, there would be players WAITING on me, already aiming in the exact location, just sitting there!


      Also, I was playing Search & Destroy on Turbine.

      Players joining the game (Connection Interrupted) ...DEAD


      Everybody on the enemy team was lag free, except for my team.


      Later on, the game disconnected and the game ended. 0-3


      Warning: If you have not played the game yet, DON'T! Wait until the 1.04 patch is released. I refuse to play until this bullshit get's patched.



      (It's funny how they patched the 5 people downloading map packs down to 2 people "glitch" in less than 24 hours, but can't fix lag, and the many other glitches)


      Proof Treyarch doesn't care. They just want our money.




      One pissed off gamer