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      All you have to do is get your internet speed down to around 1-3 megabits(running some HD videos or torrents help)...the game is optimized for around that speed so I dont consider it cheating at all...those with 5+ megabits should be penalized harder then they are now since the game is not made for such high speeds...I personally have never seen the game run smoothly as it does at those speeds...when i played MW3 on a 3g connection my player or opponents would "skip" accross the screen...but not this game...this game runs at perfection...now for those perks!...i seem invisible sometimes to the enemy when on around 3 megabits they can run right by me and i shoot them in the back hehe!...also i seem impervious to their bullets at times!...they unload a whole clip in me yet there i stand!...like a God amonst children!


      As you can see Activision and Treyarch fully support slow speeds;


      "When playing the game online, the minimum speed of your network should be 128kbps(1 megabit)."




      Now this is not an accident since some numbers dude told the higher ups that the USA has an average connection of around 2.5 megabits so to be fair to everyone the game has to be optimized for that range....and i agree wholeheartedly.





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