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    I thought it be a cold day in hell to say ill just play MW3

      So who is going back to MW3?  I am considering giving my game to my son. My co-workers here in Germany said I have a nice K/D lol. It is barely over 1.2. Man the lag and spawns, don't really need to comment on that. I tried everything from lowering my MTU to 1369, forwarding ports, all types of DNS, I even connected a linksys router to my dal router and configured to online gaming. I only run the Xbox of that router. I choose best connection and I still get no enjoyment. How can you play for fun dying from BS and lag. I dealt with MW3 to prestige 20 and reset my stats. I am really trying to give this game a shot because $59.99 is a lot. I don't know what else to do besides stop. If you have any suggestions please let me know. My download speed is 11mbps and download is 1.87, sometimes 2.5. That is the best Tmobile (Telekom) will do. Just glad I didn't throw away my MW3 and it this close to be played again see the space between the dashes --->. --

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