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    TDM player here.

      If you need a good player for TDM add XxEternalKingxX

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          Re: TDM player here.

          Join me MFRS.  Marine Force Recon Snipers.  I play TDM, DOM, S&D, FFA, DEMO & Face Off.  So far it's me and three friends. PG11CR, Wy_coyote_18 & Jacobs_kill_zone.  We are both pretty good.  You don't have to be a sniper always just at least anywhere from 40% to 60% what ever you want.  But to get in you have to either battle me or pg11cr to get in.  You don't have to win just get a certain amount of kills against us based on how high your prestiege & rank so it's farely easy.  We are all on MW3 and soon on Black Ops 2.

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