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    I think this COD might be my last

      I have been playing COD since MW and WAW.  I see a trend with the developers forcing people to play a specific style which has become run and gun or run around like a chicken and cry if someone shoots you when they are not standing in the open or center of the map.  The maps keep getting smaller, sniping may as well be removed from the game with the nerfing of ghost and crap maps, limitations on gun attachments sucks, and the worst is the lag and spawning issues.  I can't tell you how many times I have killed someone, taken 10 steps, and then be killed by that same person from behind.  On average, I will spawn, take a step, and be shot.  how hard is it to code, spawn nearest with nearest teammate, farthest from action?  It is so obvious PS3 users were an afterthought or this game. 


      I commonly play with 3 friends and we like to play TDM HC.  We don't corner camp but we do like to select about half the map and force the other team to come to us.  Of course, all we hear after is how bad we are because we camp.  LOL, since when did run around hip firing become a solid war game strategy.  At least with WAW, MW2, and BO1, people could pick the way they like to play and play it.  The last 2 CODs are moving towards making you play the run and gun.  I used to burn off steam when playing, now I am just pissed off with all the issues by the time I turn the PS3 off. 


      Go ahead and rip me apart but I cannot be the only one noticing the lag and spawn issues. 


      Just sayin.

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          Re: I think this COD might be my last

          Just don't buy the next one! Why is it necessary to explain your purchasing decision with us! Keep it to yourself, and choose yes or no in November 2013!

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            Re: I think this COD might be my last

            No your not, but you will be flamed by the tough guys of the forums that suck this games ****.  Spawning has been a problem since the first Black Ops.  And they have yet to acknowledge it as a problem.  Lag is on a whole new level on this game, Im running 30mb down and have a ping of 30 and experience nothing, but problems.  Shoot someone in the back 7,8,9 times to have them turn around and kill me with 2 bullets from a SMG.  So don't worry it's not just you and I don't believe they plan on fixing it, because they keep tweeting they are having no problems with lag.

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              Re: I think this COD might be my last

              Best thing to do is just step away from it and see how you feel a month or two down the road. I am really hoping for some larger maps.


              Never say never...


              Oh.. scuse' me... gotta wash my mouth out with soap now.

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