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    Snipers, SMG's, Silencers



      Now as everyone will note sniping is completely off the scales when it comes to comparing it to Black Ops 1. This I think was a great move simply because they have found one of those balances that make it usefull but also not completely over powered in every situation that you find yourself in. Obviously there will always be people who disagree with me, but there are also a huge community of people who will. Sniping has been a growing part of Call of Duty since before I can remember. I feel that sniping as a whole has grown to a point that it sometimes feels like your always losing to a group of snipers but more often then not it's just a group that has dedicated themselves to it. I've run into people who have done nothing but snipe for years and really had no chance. If you really think about it would you wan't those people with a higher sense of aim and spawn awareness to have an assault rifle that gives you no chance at all?


      For all those who do nothing but complain because the sniper killed you from a foot away when you had a shotgun well to bad. It's called luck and yes it happens somtimes.




      SMG's have shown to be one of the most usefull types of guns in the game. This game in partictular has seen that they are VERY MUCH more usefull over all then most assault rifles which is a problem. I've run into most cases were I will be at a distance that an assault rifle will be at it's max range and still be out gunned by a person using a SMG. It also seems we are running into another clear cut case of our WaW friend of pure spray and pray. As most would remember the MP40 with steady aim and a large clip would more then likely always win out when it came to hip fireing. This is very much the same thing now with almost all SMG's in BO2 when it comes to the overall firepower, range, and accuracy boost from laser sight. If you add a silencer into the equation, well it doesn't change much, but I'll get into silencers in moment. I feel that the range need to be reduced by quite some emount. I feel like in 7-10 gun fights SMG's win out more often then any other gun ad close to mid range and in some conditions long range.




      Everyone is a fan of silencers and they are probably one of the most usefull attachments in game. Sometimes they feel a little to strong in the pure sense that it is more then likely used with ghost. I've run into more then a fair amount of games where an entire team will be using silencers and ghost so they can never be found untill they are either behind you or in your face already spraying their little hearts out. I feel they also always seem to be winning out right in most games for the simple fact that they don't reduce enough range or power to give them that super buff of being invisible to rader while fireing. Now I'm not saying they should make it unusable but make it more managable. It always seems to be the case that I'll run into an SMG silenced with laser sight and get sprayed down from what seems like an impossible distance. I've also found myself dying more to people spraying with silencers then those who actually bother to aim down their sight. Yes this is also tied into the fact that SMG's have a very high damage rate in close quaters.


      In all I do feel more then compeled that silencers need to have a larger penalty for use with all weapons.


      Thanks for reading,

      Agent Ki

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          Agreed almost everyone uses a sillencer in this game

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            Silencers in this game are like ones in Real-life. They kill quicker due to increase in Rate of Fire, and less Recoil. This Game aswell as Real life, Silencers don't decrease Damage, but Range. They made everything fit in this game and balanced.

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                How do  you  figure  with an  increased  rate of  fire?

                Silenced guns use  subsonic  ammuntion to keep  the  noise  down. That's why  the  range  decreases.

                But  how  does  a  silencer  magically make   the  ROF  go  up? 

                Reduced  recoil  i  can  see.

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                  Everyone always seems to base things on real live when it comes to video games but the simple fact is that it's a game. Yes its a key factor to make things as similar as possible but the simple fact is when it's over powered in a video game they have to do things that make it balanced. When it comes to decreasing damage and range obviously they relate to the same thing. A decrease in range means a decrease in power over distance. Use commen sense when it comes to thinking about your response.


                  The primary issue is that there is no consiquence for using a silencer in game. Take rapid fire for instance, you give up accuracy for rate of fire. That is something everyone can agree on because it's simple logic and commen sense. You make something fire faster, it increases the amount of recoil during a smaller time frame, the result is less accuracy.

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                    This game has nothing to do with real life

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                    I'm not a fan of SMG's, (I'm more of a AR guy) But they are ment to beat you in close range. Just like Sniper usualy wins at long ranges.


                    You can win with SMG from range, you can win with Sniper at range. But you will be at disadvantage, but as you said, sometimes SMG users just get lucky and nail you from longer ranges.


                    Silencers have always been powerful, but they do reduce the range in this game. So your effective range is shorter. Hasn't it always been so?

                    And if you get killed by these guys? Too bad, you should have watched your suroundings a bit more. The spawns suck in this game, that's why silencers seem so powerful. It's the revenge spawns that get you.

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                        Yes in most cases it can be the spawns but it also depends on your team and other facters of running routes. I do find that some AR's do win in most cases of mid to long range, but sometimes it just also comes down to speed and exacution. Also it seems in most cases in mid to long range they will never make a point to go head on because they know it's a  loss when they have an SMG, and by the time you realize how close they are your being hipfired and have no time to react.

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                            Hm, I don't think AR's are THAT good that they can outperform sniper from long ranges. Well most of the time atleast. But yeah, AR's are jack of all trades master of none. They are the most veristile weapons in the game, but they aren't as good as the more "specialized weapons" are.


                            SMG's specialize for close range combat, same with shotguns. You SHOULDN'T want to go head to head with them. Same with Snipers, you don't want to run into snipers field of vision or try to take them on at longer ranges (and in short ranges sometimes, darn quickscopers! ).


                            I think it's fair. But that's just me.

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                          Subsonic ammunition? Do you have any idea how slow that would be?


                          And do you really think the BOOM comes from breaking the sound barrier and not from the mini explosion happening inside of the casing of the round?



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                            Something more is that I did hear from a few different youtubers already that they are planning on doing some tweeks to SMG's already and as to how much is unknown.


                            As to SMG's in general it almost feels like any new player who is new to COD could almost just go to any SMG and be like, "So all I need to do is look in the other persons general direction and fire right?" Most cases thats how it feels... all you need to is spray and pray in the general direction of someone and there you go. Instant noob solution, then add a silencer and you got yourself a semi-pro noob.

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                                Put  three of those guys running in tight formation down a corridor, and ill get them down with 3-4 well placed burst of my SWAT assault rifle, Triple kills medals for me.


                                Then i choose the SMG i prefer, one with a laser-sight, fast mag or extended mag , that I pick it up from their dead hand as secondary and I used it while passing thru short ranged places to get to another location before they swarm back in.



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                                  You make it seem easier than it really is.  While hipfiring with a SMG is fairly accurate, remember that it takes more bullets to kill than the AR.  If you slow down your playstyle, and ADS before rounding corners, you'll have the SMG user half dead before they can line up the laser. 


                                  The AN-94 is one of the best (if not THE best) guns in the game.

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                                  a couple comments:


                                  -SMG's have a higher ROF than AR's. Of course they do more dmg per sec and will generally win out in CQC


                                  -the silencer thing is nothing new. people use them because EVERYONE in call of duty chases orange dots. they already CRIPPLED Ghost and people still whine about stealth loadouts because it hinders your ability to dot chase. use your eyes, ears and COMMON SENSE. you know which direction the enemy is coming from.

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                                    I feel like I dont play the same game as you guys. I have diamond smgs so I try and use assault rifles as much as possible to get them diamond. I can be head camping across the map and get hip fire sprayed down through the cover by 10-15 bullets. And they didn't even headshot me. It's like assault rifles are worthless, unless I'm on the good side of lag.

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                                      Yes in most cases people are fixated on the fact that they look more for the dots then using their basic ability to look and listen but the fact is that doesn't always work. Things like dead silence hinder hearing and obviously the more corners and things to climb over make it easier for people to surprise one another.



                                      Yes but who has the upper hand when you have a rusher coming around the corner with a high fire rate weapon. At that close of range they are doing 3 times the damage you are in a faster rate of time.



                                      Yes but how did you get in that situation? You sitting in wait or happen to just turn the corner into that hall and get the same reaction they did? Besides this is more of an issue with the weapons rather then the person. Any pro league player can turn the weakest weapon into a master of killing if they know how to be aware of a situation and use their quick speed and precision aiming to use.