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    UAV spamming? really?

      So I did read a lot about people complaining about UAV spamming...


      So last night I started playing with a pen and paper at my side, and made a little mark on my piece of paper anytime the opponent called an UAV. I did it for 10 games in a row. 'Might not be the biggest sample,, but it gets boring to do after a while lol


      And I did hacked or blow them up too, like a good teamplayer should.



      Average of 2,4 UAV called by the opponent by game. The most UAV in a single game was 5.


      On 3 of the 10 games they called 0 UAV. Maybe they just could not get them, maybe they changed their scorestreak because I shot them down everytime, I don't know.


      But the «UAV spamming» is greatly exagerated.  It make me think of people who complain about always getting the red light when they are late for work, we just remark them more when they bother us than when we are relax and having a good time chatting with passengers

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          What game mode were you playing?

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            This is all dependent on the team you are up against. There was an organized team I played against the other day and they CONSISTANTLY had 4-5 UAV's up the duration of the match. I shot down 6 of them, died twice in the process twice and then switched to a ghost class and killed them under their own UAV's. A 10 game sample is pretty laughable, if you really want a true measurement, look at your next 100 opponents combat records. I think you will find 90% or more have UAV as most used killstreak.

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                I know 10 games is a small sample, you are welcome to do the same test with a sample of 100 games if you want. The greater the sample, the better the results.


                Being the first available scorestreak, and the easiest to get, it is normal it will be the most used. You buy the game, you start with it. You prestige, youre back with it.


                But, that dont tell you how many time it is used for real in a game. The only way to get a true average, is to manually count how many UAV is brought up by the opposing team each match, and then divide by the number of matches.

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                    I understand the point you are trying to make, but I have prestiged twice already and 85% of the time UAV has stayed in my scorestreaks b/c it is just OP as heck. Stealth perks have always been apart of the series, but never in such a watered down form.


                    As others have said, this forces players to move about. While it may seem like a good thing for your playstyle, it totally hinders another person's style of play to favor another. And THAT is just simply unacceptible.


                    The more narrow minded and robotically the gameplay becomes, the less people will enjoy and play. Then the game dies. There is no point to argue against this, as it is a fact.

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                  This all depends on game modes, in an objective mode where you get 200 points for 1 kill while holding flag or capping a flag in dom, taking the flag being another 50 in ctf, players get to 350 real quick. Hack a betty or two or get another kill, then there is a uav.  I had 23 blackout medals in one round of CTF.

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                    UAV Spamming wouldnt be a problem if Ghost functioned properly.


                    There isnt a good defence for constant UAVs. Hacking them takes forever. Shooting them down leaves you vulnerable because when youre still, youre a red dot.

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                        I could argue that ghost was borderlined OP in other games.  I like the "balance" they created in BLOPS2.


                        That is, unless your game consists of sitting in a dark corner waiting for an unsuspecting victim to walk by.  The new ghost forces players to keep moving, which I don't see as a bad thing at all.

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                            It was a little overpowered in other games because it did so much. If all it did was keep you off UAV 100% of the time ten it would hardly be overpowered.

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                                You don't have to move much to fade into the darkness with Ghost.  You can even stop momentarily before you appear on enemies HUD.  You can no longer sit motionless while ADS looking at a doorway.  There were a TON of complaints about this in BLOPS1, and Treyarch listened to the community.


                                I've noticed a drastic decrease in the amount of UAV's being used since week 1.  I suspect with more time, they're use will decline even more. 

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                            Prestige once, unlock ghost, and don't worry about UAV's anymore.  These have been in every game, and they've always been the easiest killstreak to unlock.  I don't know why they seem to be such a problem with folks in this game.

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                              I've not had a single game of TDM where the enemy hadn't called in a UAV.  It seems the average is around 4-5 per game.  The most I've seen in one game was 11 but I had some horrible teammates.