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    Treyarch and Black ops 2 Worst creation ever.

      I don't care what you think.


      I want an explaination on why the leaders of Infinity Ward get fired for making the best multiplayer game across the boards in Modern Warfare 2 despite a few mistakes, and all of Treyarch still have a job when they butcher the multiplayer this badly with black ops 2.
      Sure there are some die hard fans that will still semi enjoy it only because they force themselves to.


      Treyarch this is me hoping that either all of you get fired or at the very least the entire multiplayer group gets canned cause your game sucks

      Its not worth keeping and I urge the rest of the world to follow suit in selling it for below market value cause it ain't worth crap. I'd rather be force to watch 3 different C ranked movies over and over and over and over and over and over and over again than have to suffer with knowing that there is a tiny chance that youll end up making another game.


      Btw thank you I'm officially done with the entire COD franchise thanks to you and, if I have any pull at all, all of my friends, family, and entire town will be done with you and cod as well.


      Thank you and good bye for good


      Oh yeah and while your at it explain why every negative discussion started about treyarch and black ops 2 immediately gets removed. Do what you want cause now this and more detailed explaination on why Treyarch should be fired will be posted is so many places across the inter web that It won't stop anymore thank you again.

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          Why should I explain anything to you if you're leaving forever?

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            Black Ops 2 is an excellent title. I apologize but your post is a bit exaggerated. Yes, there are some inefficiencies with the title but the majority to all of these problems can easily be remedied by a responsive team of developers. Many of the innovations of black ops 2 spanning from the league play to the Codcasting to the diversity of gameplay elements makes this game a must have. If somehow you did not enjoy this amazing title for the plethora of well executed interactives that it offers then perhaps this is not the game for you. But I'd think you'd be hardpressed to find a company whose functionality compares better to the quality of Activision titles. Good luck to you.

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                Yea and theater has been down since the 30th of nov and they just hit 1 billion sales  worlwide in 16days? how ironic

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                    Their record sales are a testament to the credibility of the product because people don't purchase perpetually from unreliable corporations with unreliable products. Yes, the theater has been down for 6 days and as a caster I'm begreived by the delay. However, I understand that they are more than likely occupied with making adjustments to the feature and/or making additions to make the feature even better. Patience is annoying but the results are well worth the wait.

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                    Black Ops II does have some positives, but to say it's an excellent title pushes past the bounds of honesty. The Pick Ten system is a winner. Pretty much everything else mp-wise (from lag comp to spawning to overpowered/underpowered weapons) is a terrible failure. And most companies have better functionality than the Activision titles.... See ELITE for an example.

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                        Firstly, who are ELITE? The positives are the only aspect of the game worth expounding upon because every other known inefficiency is easily remedied through updates and patches. The functionality of the game itself: the movement of the character models, the fluid physics, the dynamics of the visuals, and the elaborate detail of not just one but three gaming arcs (zombies, campaign, and multiplayer) have an unparalleled depth comparative to the majority of titles on the market. All because an inefficiency exists does not mean that the endeavor is a failure. That assessment would indeed push the boundaries of honesty. However, I think it is honest to say that the overall mechanics of the gameplay are excellent but there are inefficiencies that need remedying.

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                            You are the one that sounds like he doesn't know what he is talking about.

                            While I'm not a big word user or knowledgable on the game mechanics side of all this one thing is definately true.


                            Modern Warfare 2 was a massive achievement and an overall amazing multiplayer success with a minor catch. Ppl aparently could hack it easily which is strange because it would not surprise me in the least if I found out just as many has hacked mw3 and BO2. Due to this minor problem. The 2 heads of Infinity Ward the creators of this were fired.


                            Comparison Black Ops 2. The multiplayer fails on so many levels. The new innovations with pick 10, scorestreaks(from mw3) and a few others were impressive and welcomed. However, from there attempt to completely destroy campers(half or more of the general populace of COD games) all the way down to their maps are nothing but fail after fail after fail.


                            While there might still be a chance to redeem themselves in others eyes I severely doubt that they can fixed all the wrongs over this generation.


                            There are some positives to this title but no where near enough to out weigh the negative.

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                        I miss One Man Army and Danger Close and owning the enemies with the AC-130.











                        BO2 has more emphasis on gun to gun action and less on killstreaks and perks and that is why some people don't like it.


                        COD4 >> MW2.