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    Objective game type players (hardpoint, headquarters, CTF)

      Why the hell does most of the population of BO2 players just go for kills in headquarters or hardpoint or CTF? I get so ******* pissed at people who just do that. When the hell did "play to win" not ******* matter anymore? If your gonna go for kills go to the game called TEAMDEATHMATCH where you kill to win. dont ******* bombard objective game types and just play for kills.


      I mean, people who do this should at least kill people at the objective point. Seriously, i hate seeing the HQ at one side of the minimap, and my whole f-ing team is out and about on the opposite side! Its not like they just spawned, I will litereally be running towards the HQ and get passed by by my own teammates going the opposite ******* direction! What the ****? Im tired of this **** man.


      Anybody else experiencing this?