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    BLOPS 2 vs. MW3

      So I've been trying to play BLOPS 2 and its very frustrating...all the reasons have been listed in previous threads and I frankly I'm fed up. I stopped playing MW3 in the spring and didn't look back. I was actually looking forward to BLOPS, i thought it would be a different experience with an IMPROVED ONLINE GAMING EXPERIENCE, instead we get slightly nicer (brighter)graphics and different guns, not to mention the icing on the cake, the middle finger from 3arch for the PRE-ORDER NUKETOWN thing....Sooo out of pure frustration i decided to pop in MW3 last night and believe it or not the game was playable and i had a better experience playing that than the newly released COD. So until this gets resoleved i might be playing MW3 if anyone feels like joining me add me on psn evak_dvs


      I'd like to hear from others who have tried blaying MW3, what were your experiences ??

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          I will give you my opinion.

          MW3 is a better game.

          Dont get me wrong BO2 is good, its just I have liked the Modern Warfare series thus far!

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            i think the mw3 is better for sniping, I think if they made a patch for that sniperes did the sight faster was the best game

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              I am not gonna lie... I love MW3.  Just the layout, graphics,guns, HC modes.... I miss it .. But BO2 is a close second

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                MW3 did not hold my attention, but to be fair I was fully wraped up in BF3 so.... BO2 has gotten me playing COD again.

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                  MW3 was garbage. A boring, ugly, slow, unimaginative clone of the steaming heap of turd that was MW2.


                  BO2 Has tried new things, is much faster paced, is better graphically and is much more enjoyable.



                  Lets put it this way, if the two of them had a fight, it would be the equivalent of putting a small child in a cage with Anderson Silva. With MW3 being the child

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                    Ive always had more fun in the black ops series but the hit detection is lacking. MW3 never really had a problem with hit detection. I got a late start in MW3 so that may be why it feels great. MW3 feels like a faster pace especially when you get in a room where everyone has a really good connection to each other. Black ops2 may seem the same way later on but for now thats what my brain and two eyes tell me......I think there liein to me.lol

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                      MW3 is a very well-built game. Very stable (except for lag).


                      BO2 is a "mix all ingredient and cook" type of game. It feels as if the developers packed everything in hurry to meet the deadline It is fun but irritating at times due to very basic bugs.

                      Out of all the COD games I've played, i rate


                      MW2 > BO1 > MW3 > BO2

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                          Wow, I am shocked that anybody has this opinion

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                            i agree with everything but:

                            Out of all the COD games I've played, i rate ( MW2 > BO1 > MW3 > BO2)


                            for me it would be:

                            COD4 > MW3 > MW2 "3rd place because of boosting & tubing" > BLOPS 1 > BLOPS 2 > COD WAW


                            infinity ward builds a better MP game, the controls & hit detection for me have been better, connection better, MW looks better to me.. both BLOPS look cartoonish and i never got rid of the lag in BLOPS 1 and BLOPS 2 is just as bad.. the MP section of BLOPS 2 has screen freezing in the lobby the frame rate drops so low during game play, the hit detection in both BLOPS games has been a problem.. i will say that with BLOPS 2 TreyArch did try something NEW and i like the new improvements.. adding Mute All is great, the New class set up is really cool and i love it.. but MP is just not Playable right now.. I feel like BLOPS 2 has the same problem BLOPS 1 had with the addition of screen freezes and full system lock ups.. I dont know if they ported the XBOX version of BLOPS 2 like they did BLOPS 1 but it seems like TreyArch only cares about building the game for the XBOX and spends 85% of its time focused on that system and the PS3 & PC version of the game is just poorly built..

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                            This is all just opinion (which everyone has a right to have). But really, neither gameis better than the other.  It is all what you personally prefer.


                            example: I hated MW3 so much I sold it, and I am liking BO2. Some people feel the same way, others think I am crazy.


                            human dynamics 101

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                              Mw2, mw3, then Bo1, if i have to bo2

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                                MW3 seems more "fun" to play. With all the issues surrounding BLOPS 2, it ain't fun, not by a long shot. MW3 had its issues but I can still go back and enjoy playing it. BLOPS 2? Not so much. BLOPS 2 is a good game but all these issues totally negate how good a game it is. I hated MW3 initially....now I miss it.

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                                  Uh, I was struggling with BO2 for the first week - but then I became familiar with it.

                                  It´s slower than MW3...


                                  MW3 is (forget about the Hacker ****!), still better in many ways:


                                  - Matchmaking

                                  - Lag

                                  - Framerates

                                  - Speed of your alter ego

                                  - Lobby-Controls (why the f*** can´t you switch the Host in your Team-Lobby in BO2?)

                                  - Gun behaviour...

                                  - Game-Modes (like HC-Modes and NOT interrupted DOM-Matches!)

                                  - ....


                                  But BO2 also has some new features that makes it worth playing it - and waiting till they fixed existing problems!


                                  - Class-Generator

                                  - Perks

                                  - ...

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                                      Yep .. no way .. MW3 rock .. this BO2 would look like a Modern Warfare, but it looks plasticky .. and the online experience really sucks from quick scope to lag compensation


                                      This year i will not buy any maps, Treyarch did not convince me at all


                                      ps: on BO2 it's not possible to switch the leadership of the group to a friend... that's ridiculous or i can't understand how to do this?

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                                        Wait is mw3 hacked already? I sold the game 3 / 4 months ago.


                                        Mw3 was more fun imo & that's all that matters. Yes it was a copypast mw2 game, without dc pro and no big commando lunge perk. With a few excellent editions like specialist streaks, stalker and point streaks per class. With mw2 maps in the mix and no deathstreaks like final stand and dead man's hand I would still be playing the game. Well hosting never got fixed though.


                                        Black Ops II annoys me on so many levels. The game just isn't that interesting. The gun battles alone are lame and it's way too connection based for people with above average "skill" atm.

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                                        I appreciate the comments and opinions, however I was looking to see if anybody has played MW3 recently and to contrast those experiences with how BLOPS 2 is currently playing ...

                                        thanks again , cheers

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                                            I played mw3 the first week bo2 came out because I couldnt handle the change N Lag. But I havent gone back since. I love search and destroy on MW3 Fave Mode, BO2 provides a whole new experience to S&D. I always want to go play MW3 but all my friends refuse too lol

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                                            I appreciate the comments and opinions, however I was looking to see if anybody has played MW3 recently and to contrast those experiences with how BLOPS 2 is currently playing ...


                                            thanks again,

                                            Cheers !!

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                                              i cant compare those two, mw3 is just a bad game, maps, guns, sound system, graphics, engine everything was just horrible, BLack ops 2 is a very good game with some problems

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                                                Yeah played mw3 over the weekend because was so pissed with blops2......   Main reason i can easly shoot and kill someone on a one on one with an assualt rifle.....with mw3 but the lag comp i could never knife first how ever fast i was............But black ops 2 assualt rifle is useless on a one on one against any weapon and my knife my aswell put it on ebay good second behind.

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                                                  BOPS2 > MW3... when it works.