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    You dashed to preserve your stats  rubbish !

      I dash to preseve my pride and principals.

      Playing alone I encounter being dropped into games that are no hopers, I usually dash straight out the 5 mins do not bother me, I put the kettle on.

      I hurt no one not like I'm host or anything, so why penalise me.

      I have at times 20 meg upload, not going to lie I could dash 90% of games with the crap that happens but I don't, I play mostly with a team sit back head glitch and use target finder on a Lmg, mostly it's the only way I can hope to compete, I have adapted, thats what most posts tell you to do.

      I do not dash these games, I can take a loss like the next man, good stats or not.

      But to get called for dashing out off some games and people saying it's  only to preserve your precious kd  etc is utter rubbish , it is not the only reason.