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    The worst amount of cheating ever

      I am stunned by the amount of people who play the game live and are clearly cheating there heads off and yet nothing is done about this. That and the fact nothing has been done about the quickscoping that just ruins this game all together. The fact is there are so many of them using modbox and other cheats runing about just messing it up for us all. all that happens is people leave the game early. THe amount of time when its clear as day pulled the trigger 1st clear head shoot and they have all the ltime in the world to turn around and shoot. Not to mention the complete and utter mess that has been made regarding the isses with the guns. shootguns should not be able to have the reach they do! smg's should not be able to out reach assault rifles etc. this has ruend the gamew and I wish I never spent the near £90 on this, waiting for hrs in the cold to pick the game up on its relese. I am not the only one in my group of mates who feels like this. Also when you shoot someone and you have a headshoot clear as day regardless of perks should not then be able to just run through like nothing has happened. You have made a total mess of the game. ie If I have a 50cal and have put 50 rounds in to some one they should not be able to just run straight through this with a knife to run up and stab. this game has more flaws than I want to take the time to name. Well done for killing the MW franchise. Did you really do testing on this or what. what a total and utter mess!

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