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    Black Ops 2 Update Details: SMGs and UAVs Will Be Tweaked

      David Vonderhaar talks about a confirmed change and a likely change in the next Black Ops 2 update.

      Published on Dec  4, 2012


      UAVs will be tweaked for the next Black Ops 2 update with SMGs also likely to change, according to game design director David Vonderhaar.

      SMGs are currently seen as the dominant weapon class in multiplayer and Vonderhaar has admitted that SMG penetration (where bullets pass through walls and cover) is 'probably too high'. Vonderhaar says it's 'something we're looking at for the next update'.

      Another confirmed change for the next update is that the score requirement to activate UAVs will increase. UAVs are currently the scorestreak with the lowest requirement to unlock.

      There's still no word on when the update will come through.



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      http://www.nowgamer.com/news/1708053/black_ops_2_update_details_smgs_and_uavs_wi ll_be_tweaked.html


      I POSTED THIS ON BOTH, PS3 AND XBOX 360 FORUMS,  I HAVE BOTH SYSTEMS.  This will make a lot of people very happy and others really mad. What do you guys think?