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      What is going on with the scoring? The names do not match up, when I click on the top scorer, it takes me to a totally different name on the profile page. It also says on the Black Ops 2 challenge for today,December 3 that the clans score will not count due to not having a premium member at the time of enlistment.....I am a premium member, and I was the only person in the clan at the time of enlistment...and furthermore, I thought Black Ops 2 clan operations and challenges were free anyway. I hope someone can fix this issue please. Thanks

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          Re: Scoring.........PS3

          Hello CobraStang_SVT,


          There is a typo for the Black Ops 2 Operations/Challenges. There is no premium membership for Black Ops 2. It is free. For clicking on other player's profile, are you viewing the profile in-game or through Elite? Does this only occur for the top scorer or it happens whenever you click on someone else's profile.



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              Re: Scoring.........PS3

              JJ, I am viewing through elite on my laptop, and this happens when I click on anyone's name, not just the top scorer. Is there a way to check these stats in game on MW3 or is this just BOPS 2? Lastly, my clan competed in the Dec. 1 MW3 clan operations, and were not awarded anything, it doesn't even show the operation as being enlisted. Thanks for your help.

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