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        5,850. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Title Update and Hot Fix Discussion

        Not my thread. Not my call to make. I understand the argument and I get the reasoning, but it's ultimately not my call.

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          5,851. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Title Update and Hot Fix Discussion

          so...does anyone have an answer to my question? i thought this was where all the smart people were. Ive come to consult the oracle

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            5,852. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Title Update and Hot Fix Discussion

            I won't pretend to be an expert, but I imagine that any server, or even line transferring information, will be prone to congestion if it's trying to process too much information. As for how many servers they have, I imagine only someone in the networking department can answer that, and even then I would guess it's considered "need to know" information that they won't release.


            The type of servers they use however I believe are referred to as "Listen Servers", so regarding what they do, I'm probably not qualified to explain in detail, so I'll just point you to wikipedia:



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              5,853. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Title Update and Hot Fix Discussion

              kastro187420 wrote:


              Foxhound-Pro wrote:


              kastro187420 wrote:


              Err... I take it with the deleted posts then, that the mods (or whoever deleted them) prefers no discussion at all (given it's been nearly a week since any posts now), than constructive discussion regarding weapons like shotguns...?

              Still running on protocol until it's relieved.


              So if we get Candice or Teanah to give us the go ahead, will it be fine to continue the discussion up again if people are willing to discuss it here?

              Well I'm not going to stop anyone from discussion, but we aren't going to "rebalance" weapons any time soon. So I don't want anyone going in with the expectations we're doing this

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                5,854. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Title Update and Hot Fix Discussion

                So are there any updates coming in the forseeable future?  Alot of us continue to,  and will continue to play MW3 throughout the coming year

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                  5,855. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Title Update and Hot Fix Discussion

                  IndyOldGuy wrote:


                  So are there any updates coming in the forseeable future?  Alot of us continue to,  and will continue to play MW3 throughout the coming year

                  Yeah we have something in the works for PC.

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                    5,856. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Title Update and Hot Fix Discussion

                    Well at least we can talk now without all the posts being deleted. 


                    We can all agree that the striker and usas are very useable shotguns in the context of mw3.  And I feel that there are two main problems with pump shotguns that should have been adressed.


                    1.     The close range hitmarkers are a significant problem.  Without damage these pump shotguns are hitmarker machines.  4/8 in cqc is ridiculously weak when you compare that to the other cqc weapons in mw3.  Shots will fail to kill frequently inside of max damage range without damage.  With damage they still display a fail rate that is unacceptable.  I doubt we need to show any more video proof of that.  We have all seen enough of them to know that 3/8 is not reliable enough in an online setting to be as consistent as we need the pumps to be.  I feel that it was overwhelmingly obvious that 2/8 was needed with damage.  Especially considering that we had 3/12 pellet kill up close with the emags spas for 2 1/2 months which was never complained about by the community.  That should have been a good enough "beta test" for that level of damage for the pumps.


                    2.     There is no reason to ads with the pump shotguns.  Not only does it slow you down to 40% movement speed it also provides no spread tightening to the spas or ksg.  And ads only provides enough of a benefit to the 1887 to make its spread equal to the spas/ksg's default hip spread.  Smgs have 80% ads movement speed.  That should have been the same for shotguns.  Pump shotguns have had 80+% movement speed while ads for a long time and has been a fairly standard feature. 


                    Now that is not as big of an issue because stalker exists and can remedy that flaw.  The real problem is that there is no accuracy benefit to ads.  Sure ads gives you reduced sensitivity and better sticky aim but it enlarges your spread back to default size and at the ranges where those features would actually be helpful your spread is too large while ads to land a lethal dose of buckshot on target.  There should be a reason to ads.  Right now there is only a penalty.  I would suggest that all pump shotguns including the 1887 have a 4 degree spread while ads.  That makes hipfire still far more reliable at range for the spas and ksg but gives the 1887 a unique freedom from the need for steady aim for improved range performance. 


                    The 1887 in particular is the most in need of some love.  Its the hardest shotgun to level up by far due to lack of attachment challenges.  It has the slowest cycle time and the lowest mag capacity.  All of the above limit its performance compared to the spas and ksg.  The fact that it was untouched in the shotgun rebalance is very disappointing to the shotgun community.


                    If I had to chose between high ads mobility by default or tighter ads spread by default, I would take tighter ads spread.  One can be mitigated with stalker, the other can't be mitigated with anything short of a rebalance.


                    Now onto the AA12.  Wow, where to start.  The aa12 has ammo issues and strait killing power issues.  The aa12 comes with 24 rounds with emags by default.  But it takes between 2-5 shells to kill someone in core with damage proficiency (in testing it took 2 up close and 5 at range with perfectly center shots and firing one shell at a time instead full auto to insure accuracy.  In actual gameplay it can take a whole mag of 12 before the target expires.)  It is highly unlikely that the default supply of ammo would kill more than 6 people.  That is not good.  And it is extremely difficult to get around that ammo deficiency without scavenger.  And having to start with scavenger is a significant handicap when ammo is the not the largest handicap the gun has.


                    The largest problem the aa12 has is a pathetic damage out put.  As I said before in testing the aa12 gets between 2 hitmarkers at point blank ranges to 6 hitmarkers with the damage proficiency at range.  That gives the aa12 a time to kill of .15 seconds at point blank range to up to .75 seconds at still kind of point blank range.  That is unacceptable.  The aa12 already has the most limited range of any shotgun in mw3 and it still beaten by smgs in time to kill inside all of its range.  The aa12 should only have a comparable or superior time to kill inside its range because its range is so limited that for it to be strait up outgunned by weapons with infinite range inside the aa12's range is literally stupid.


                    When we start to get into the actual discussion and get more participants I will go into the details of what I think should be done to each of the shotguns mentioned above.

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                      5,857. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Title Update and Hot Fix Discussion

                      Hmm what about for consoles still or is that just something that will fall on dead ears/eyes?


                      This time last year we were told just to wait for the next title update/hotfix, now that the time has come for the games cycle to end did everything just stop for MW3? or like most were thinking was it always the intention to leave the issues to be fixed in the next installment of the series?




                      If support for Mw3 has been "tossed aside" then I have no hard feelings leaving COD "tossed aside". Been like that since Mw1, would've been nice for things to change up some.




                      Oh well always some hope maybe for next generation consoles I suppose.




                      Thanks in advance.

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                        5,858. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Title Update and Hot Fix Discussion

                        I moved from mw3 to black ops 2 and still I want a mw3 shotgun buff.

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                          5,859. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Title Update and Hot Fix Discussion

                          is the lag still the same. im seriously considering moving back to mw3 after experiencing bo2

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