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    Issues Turning Left & Right?

      i use the wiimote


      Bravo controls.


      my DZ are at 0


      and my Hori Cam speeds are at 40.


      whenever i spin to the right or the left quickly, my camera on the U looks up in the direction i was turning.


      idk, if anybody has had this happen to them but its kinda annoying trying to spin into a gun fight and end up getting shot while looking at the sky.

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          Re: Issues Turning Left & Right?

          I have noticed this also.  I toned down my camera speed.  I also turned the lookspring back on and that seemed to help but it seems a super difficult to try to get to the same level of control I had in Bops or Mw3 just waiting out the patch.


          ps I sent you an ally request from Malaka did you get it?

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            Re: Issues Turning Left & Right?

            I noticed that as well.  Sucks that the controls are screwed up.  I mean that's the main reason to get this game for Wii U.  The motion controls.  And right now they are just screwed up.


            I found that just being more careful helps, but it takes effort to not go shooting at the sky.  I hope they get us that MW3 accuracy back.  Surely it can't be too hard to convert the code from one console to the other.  I mean the controllers are the same.  They want them to do the same thing.  Shouldn't be difficult.

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