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    Stop the console freezing and crashing and I will be happy.

      Currently everytime I play Black Ops 2 eventually during my time of play within 1-2 hours I know it is going to freeze or crash. It has only started this since Black Ops 2 and my Ps3 never crashes or freezes  up on other games. Now since my PS3 has taken so much damage from the crashes and freezes my PS3 is nothing but a piece of crap now. It's very slow and freezes often now ever since Black Ops 2. I feel as if Activsion/TreyArch owes me a new PS3 because there game has literally tore the crap out of my PS3 and I am not sure how much longer it's going to last. I mean people say "well don't play then" but that's a bunch of bull. I am loyal fan who buys all Treyarch games and some infinity Ward games. I feel if I payed sixty dollars I shouldn't have to complain about the game freezing and jacking my PS3 up so bad it's barley fuctional now. I hope they take my thread pretty serious because this is driving me over the edge to a point.