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    NEW PS3 MW3 and Black Ops 2 clan! (Recruiting)

      Looking for a clan with a great community? Looking for a clan you can become part of and help it grow? Looking for a clan that is not too strict? Looking for a clan with great CoD players? I knew you were looking for that one clan... Join the "Cyber Commandos" clan now!



      -Have MW3 or Black Ops 2 (KDR doesn't matter for Black Ops 2)

      -It is preferred if you have a mic

      -Decent team player!

      -Do Black Ops 2 clan challenges whenever you can!


      We are a extremely FUN clan!


      BO2 Clan level: Level 4

      MW3 Clan level: Level 1

      Number of Members: 32 members

      Lots of room for YOU to help US level up!


      Joining our clan is easy, leave a message below with you PSN for us to invite you or just apply at the top right of the following page:


      Other ways to keep in touch with us: