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    KD has NOTHING to do with rank

      Me and my mate are both on the skull with the knife and 4 tallies, and i wanted to see if there was any of our stats that were both really high, there wasnt so i checked the KD and his was 83 and mine was 183 so from that i have figured out the rank system doesnt have as much to do with the KD as we think

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          196 for me.

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              I Have just found out how the ranking system works from the treyarch site Say if you have 5 tally marks and u get down 5 times your tally marks will go down to 4 and say if you have 5 tally marks with 1 bone and u get 500 kills but no downs you will then have 2 tally marks
              so for every 500 kills you get on zombies it adds up in any map you will go up 1 tally mark and for every 5 downs you get you will go down one tally mark
              Im merks-2k8 on ps3 i have around 45,000 zombies kills and i am on the rank 5 with the emblem of 2 shot guns on each side of the skull and the eyes have lit up
              so if you wanna add me im 2000th in the world lol
              PSN - merks-2k8
              Headset - YES


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              Such incompetent people on this forum...you tried to act smart by comparing two people's KDs together...


              Tallies are consistency, ranks are KD.


              To get the Knife with Skull, you need a minimum 80 KD; to get the Shotguns, it is unknown, but people say it ranges from 150-170 (possibly higher depending on your amount of kills) KD.



              Stop trying to act like you have tested everything and do research before you post on here.

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                  how then does my friend with 9k kills and 71 kd have the knife

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                      because that's 126? Genius...


                      I'm thinking shotguns are double the knife, so you need minimum 160 KD to get shotguns, but that could differ depending on the number of kills you got, which means since the knife ranges to 95, it would be double the range, so it would be 150-180, meaning (assuming you a certain amount of kills achieved), you will have the shotguns for sure by having a 180 KD.



                      I am almost positive this is correct.

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                          lol you think you're so smart but you couldn't read a simple sentence "how then does my friend have 9k kills with a 71kd and have the knife" Not the shotguns. In your previous post you said "to get the knife you need a minimum of 80 kd" so...

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                              Can you read my post? You might need to go get your eyes checked.


                              What does minimum mean? It means "at the least" the lowest value.


                              This means, to get the knife in the skull, you need a minimum of an 80 KD (ranges up to 95) to get the knife in skull.


                              The next part was brainstorming for the shotguns, it didn't deal too much with your reply, just justifying my thoughts on the ranking system.


                              Incompetents on this forum, I'm telling you...


                              Why do I help? No idea, people like you are just so blatantly retarded and just embarass yourself every post you make.

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                        well it might not be based off of your over all kill/death ratio, but perhaps theres a certain ratio you have to get on any one game. In BO1 it didn't matter what your "career" score was, in fact I don't think they even recorded that. It was recorded how well you did on individual specific rounds.

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                            there was no ranking system in black ops 1, so that second part of your post is pointless. Yes, those are true statements, but, then again, that's black ops 1 (ONE), correct?



                            okay, so can you all stop throwing away all the time I spent actually finding out this stupid ranking system mechanics, and maybe consider it? You all judge too fast.