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        I use it on LMGs in place of the marksman perk, on short / medium range weapons it just seems to be a disadvantage as you have to be scoped in so to speak and it obscures your peripheral vision.

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          I just use Cold Blooded. I don't get a red sqaure on me, and noobs can't instantly spot me from across the map. Use it, or adapt without it.

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            That's fair enough, I like to tease my nephew too. It just seems people's attitudes towards the sight have changed. At the start when I first got the game everyone was raving about how good it was and now you dare not use for fear that you might come across as a "noob". Amazing how fickle gamers can be :)

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              No red triangle but still is a give away too. For if your coming toward them, the chances are your an enemy and not a friendly, so many will shoot unless in hc.


              But yeah, its not as easy to kill at distance on some maps. Just like using the perk against the double band to make you not glow. Any dark players moving my direction I fire at anyways.


              if its heading my way and there is no red dots behind me, well than its an enemy and gets shot at to see if so.

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                I would disagree that it's laziness that drives players to use the TF.  If there is an attachment that will allow me to go 20-10 versus 10-20 and win the match, I would use it because it makes me a better competitive player.  Competitive spirit would drive me to use the TF...Having said that, I'm a rusher and can't stand sitting around aiming across the map, lol.  Not for me!

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                  The TF is great for LMG's, I use it on the HAMR. It eliminates blinding muzzle flash, identifies targets that would be hard to see, and helps with target fixation. There is nothing quite as glorious as looking down the sights of your LMG and seeing 3 red diamonds in your field of fire.


                  I find that the TF doesn't work well on SMG's and AR's -- it seems like a distraction, plus there is the problem of it limiting your peripheral vision.


                  As far as people complaining about it... I've never had a problem. In general, I think that opponents complaining about the load-out that you just beat them with is completely lame -- and shouldn't be taken seriously.

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                    I love how people post such Stupid things. "Is the Target Finder the new HBS" For real? What kind of question is that? The Heartbeat sensor you can see enemys on a Radar through walls and things....I would consider the HMMS(Or MMHS) the "New HBS". As for the whole "Noob" thing. Don't let it bother you, when someone get's their ass handed to them, they always refeer to people as noobs, because you're not giving them an easy kill, and they are forced to work for it. The Target Finder Takes most of your view away, the main reason alot of people don't use it. Anyways, it's not "noobie" using any sights in this game, so don't let it bother you.

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                      IMO... target finder should not be in the game. It's not that it's nooby...


                      ... it's the simple fact of it being far too powerful with minimal drawbacks... if it behaved as the MMS sight... that would be better.


                      You are really forced to use cold blooded on larger maps it seems.

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                        Are you kidding? This sight isn't OP at all, how can a Sight be Overpowered? Anyways, the Sight is for people Defending Objectives, then when Rushers get destroyed by a Gun using this sight, they Complain like you are..........."It's way to easy", It's way to easy to kill Dumb Rushers in this game to....You don't see me complaining about that do you?

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                          The zoom alone makes it strong, it strafes so easily, the fact that it paints a big square around the bad guys just makes it broken. I use it on the SMR and feel bad for them. Cold-blooded is the "counter" as much as not being able to see a red name is, ie, not at all. I dont need a red square or red name to tell me to shoot. It needs to at least not have the zoom.