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    Another year of objectives, another year of players not playing objectives... *sigh*

      I dont know what i like more:


      When hardpoint starts and my team full of snipers all run the opposite direction of the HP




      When im in a game of Dom and i lose 200-36 to see 2-3 people on my team with no captures (I mean... to not take a/c and have at least 2 caps is downright insulting isnt it?)



      I really wish there was a way to weed out non-objective players from objective games... I thought score streaks would help... It didnt.  I dont see how you could code in any type of incentive to play objectives without alienating player who are just bad at the game mode though.


      I dont see how to fix it... In theory, if you have a team of 6 guys, you may want some non objective players rushing and surpressing... but in a random Pub match it, once again, is making many of the games lopsided and simply not fun.


      Its too bad.